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Confessions of a male nurse is a touching shocking and frequently hilarious account of one mans life in nursing read more read less length 337 pagesconfessions of a male nurse is a sequel of sorts to the successful confessions of a gp by benjamin daniels it has a broadly similar epistolary structure which lends itself well to a series of anecdotes on connected themeswhats it like to be a male nurse in a woman dominated profession for richard steele it means incompetent administrators drug addicted doctors a whacked out nursing staff long and grueling hours and bizarre patients confessions of a male nurse is a roller coaster ride through the on and off duty life of a gay male nurse in the early 1980sconfessions of a male nurse 44 out of 5 based on 0 ratings 21 reviews sharonka322 more than 1 year ago i have to say i enjoyed this book it was never too heavy it was never disgusting it was never too graphic there was just a perfect balance of medical dialog and humor exactly what i wanted and expected when i read the titlei read confessions of a male nurse hot off the heels of reading confessions of a gp and yeah maybe i should have left it a bit longer than ten hours its a little bit unfair of a comparison because despite one being about a doctor and the other about a male nurse theres still a whole lot fo medical stories involved and this one wasnt quite

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