1940s nude actresses

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When the revelations of rampant sexual harassment and assault against former Miramax CEO Harvey Weinstein came out last October, industry veterans on social media commented about how much of an open secret it was. The history of Hollywood is the history of male power, with men as gatekeepers at all levels of stardom. The unequal gender ratio on film sets leave actresses deciding whether speaking out is worth their career. Jackson and Zwigoff were established directors, able to have their pick of stars for their projects, yet they deliberately avoided female stars who had the presumption of difficulty based on rumor justified by a male authority.

Rumors cropped up that Fiorentino was hard to work with. She jumped to the big leagues with the sci-fi adventure "Men in Black. The reason was left unclear but tabloids reported it was due to her tempestuous nature. The demand to see female bodies illustrates the worst cases of what the term difficult is utilized for. Actresses of color, like Berry, often have the hardest time escaping the difficult label. The lack of roles for women in general are compounded by continued whitewashing in mainstream cinema. She claims her agent did nothing and her career stopped in its tracks for reasons unknown though the implication is the accusation caused it.

When Lisa Bonet transitioned to cinema she received criticism from her "Cosby Show" boss, Bill Cosby , as well as the media when she went against her girl next door image to make the film " Angel Heart. Women have rebelled against this power dynamic. Considering the inherently sexist atmosphere, with men in every facet of power, tactics like this—decried as petty and proof of their unprofessionalism—were appropriate and necessary.

Some actresses rebelled by hitting a studio with legal repercussions. Actresses take their careers into their own hands, both to assert their own agency and hopefully balance the gender ratio. Fortuitously, these suspensions gave her the opportunity to watch male directors.

Barbra Streisand , for years labeled a perfectionist, transitioned to directing with her feature "The Prince of Tides" which was later nominated for Best Picture. Since then more female stars have turned to directing, including Jodie Foster and Angelina Jolie , telling stories they believe are important and relevant to audiences today. Drew Barrymore , Reese Witherspoon , and Jessica Chastain have all started their own production companies. Several prominent actresses, female showrunners, and other celebrity personalities started TimesUp, itself demanding gender parity in Hollywood.

All of this denotes a sea change, taking the term that has long kept women silent and applying it to the Hollywood business model so it will work to their advantage. Kristen Lopez February 16, Latest blog posts. Latest reviews. The Tragedy of Macbeth Odie Henderson. Shattered Matt Zoller Seitz. Belle Robert Daniels. Scream Brian Tallerico. Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Nell Minow. The House Nick Allen.

1940s nude actresses

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