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. Is the Playhouse now open or still shut down because of the virus? What are your normal hours of opening? I have just read all of the reviews of The Playhouse by people who have been there and I cannot wait to visit. It sounds awesome and is exactly what I have been looking for.

I cannot wait for it to open up once this damn virus has disappeared and things get back to something like normal. I hope it is okay to submit this even though I have not yet visited your Playhouse. Please let people know as soon as you open back up. Just so you know I am a mature, mid-fifties married cuckold cuck , very nicely endowed 8-inches plus , clean-cut, professional male.

My much younger wife also wants to visit this place now she has heard about it. We live in Brandon. I am a completely bi-sexual hubby and highly submissive to my wife and her special friends. I go by cuckrodney on KIK and would love to hear from other adventurous kinksters married or single in the Tampa Bay area.

Thank you. I took my wife for the first time there it was late at night so there was just one guy there, as soon as my wife started kissing me the guy stood next to us, i motioned him to sit next to me, i asked my wife for oral sex and to jerk him off, she started and it got so hot she just started to blow him with out me telling her, it was her first time she sure loved it she kissed the guy and sat on top of his legs so her breast was infront of his mouth, he gave my wife pleasure that she had an orgasm right there we are from miami and now she wants to go every weekend to Tampa i can't wait for a new experience can't wait to see my wife with other men.

If you are gay and don't mind the filth -dirt- go. Otherwise skip this once good, now detestable t. Haven't been in a while because of my new favorite place in the same building the rainbow cabaret. Going again tonite hope to find more couples there tonight. Playhouse Theatre — Playhouse has been here for years and have never seen any problems.. What's the Latest? How is this place doing in September ? Husband Loves This Place — My husband loves this spot whether he just wants to "people watch" or in the fun. Says everyone is friendly and no one is too aggressive.

And he says the maze offers all kinds of unique fun. I haven't been yet. Not sure how many other amateur girls really go there. But, if it makes him happy, maybe I'll give it a try! Nightlighter is predjudist! Maybe if Nightlighter grew a D"""K he would not care about who was in that place.

Nightlighter if you read this you sorry piece of sh"t , you will realize that you are a disgrace to this world and your KKK club is so over. The Owners are Good People — I worked for these people for over 6 years and will be the first to say that the owners are the greatest. The place is a landmark for the best Adult entertainment around along with the Fantasyland Theater around the block. These two places have been said to hold the highest of all for Adult Themes and enjoyment.

There are a few people that work here that may be needing watched closely but over all the place is very nice to be in. I would recommend the Playhouse to anyone wanting to experience the thrill of adventure and dark sexual fun. Things have improved here. Just got back to town for the winter and was suprised at how things had changed. The trouble makers, gals and a couple of employees, have all been kicked out. Guess management finally had enough of them all. Business seems slower than last year, but it's a more peaceful, friendly bunch now. I had a good time and will be visiting regularly.

Hoping to make more new friends soon. My 1 place to go when I'm in town. I enjoy both sides of the fence and Fridays are the best time to play with couples. Everytime I visit I've always left completly satisfied several times and completly exhausted. I am in my mid fifties, well endowed, clean cut, not pushy and have never been rejected. The staff is always friendly, sometime "stern" but that is needed in this type of enviroment, and the price is right. The only negarive thing I have to say is that sometimes the "ladies of the street" do get a little loud and it seems to put a dampner on the atmosphere.

I will return on my next trip and I am looking forward to it. Try me at hotmail if you like. Lot of fun — It is the place to go if you like to be on the wild side. Very friendly. I did read the other reviews but I never had a bad episode. I am going back from time to time and I always have great time.

By far one of the best Adult Entertainment venues anywhere — I'm probably one of only a few hundred followers of these people. Although I can only speak for myself , I know that I echo the sentiments of many of my friends. With all the Adult establishments that now dot the landscape of Tampa The Playhouse is by far the most customer friendly adult business anywhere. With all the problems that plague this industry it seems to me that this is one of the safest places to go for a consenting adult. I personally enjoy the movies and the freedom allowed the customer that goes there.

Believe me when I tell you, They don't want to be there anymore than we want them there. Over the years I've become well aquainted with the staff which are a truly great bunch. The return customers from all around make it a meeting place like no other. I've made life long friends and am sure many more will follow. Had my share of fun here. It is unfortunate that some people would do things that cause problems, but they are a small minority of the people who regularly go to the Playhouse.

After reading the ramblings of that illeterate, crimetracker3, I thought a response was in order. Most of the customers come to watch the movies and perhaps make a new friend. After that they just leave and go about their business.

The clerks have always been friendly to everyone. I have a suspicion that Crimetracker3 is another wannabe cop who just couldn't measure up to become one and has a thorn in his crown as he probably cannot make a friend at the theatres either. Like most people I have my fun and go. In all this time I have never been seriously bothered by anyone. As the outside says it is Tampas 1 Adult Theater and adults have a pleasant experience whenever they stop in. Perhaps those who fall into the arrested development category should stay away. Business downfall — Your establishment services the entire Tampa Bay area and is totally unaware of the illegal activities that existis with in you business.

The adult stimutant trade is strong with in your establishment and the exposer of HIV is very high. Working women use your establishment as a safe haven for stimulants and pleasure. Your counter personnel benifit from the use of the couples room, knowing that illegal activities are conducted and are tipped for the confedential privacy. The ladies restroom is a gathering place for the use and sales of controlled substances.

Your business has an informant with in and has written reviews to local authorities. Thousands of unclaimed dollars flow through your establishment and has so for 3 years or more. Become more aware of your surroundings.

Adult theater in tampa

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