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The celebrity chefs on the Food Network are arguably some of the most colorful characters on television. But not all of them are necessarily likable. And some make viewers scratch their he and seriously ponder: What was the network thinking when they hired this nut?! Despite being regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people in the food world, his negative attitude towards other chefs makes him less likable.

His arrogance can be a turn-off for viewers and his overly-competitive nature makes his shows less fun and more of a blood sport. Plus, his habit of tricking folks into a cook-off makes the show seem unfair. No pun intended. Or perhaps we just liked him more when he was on Queer Eye. People are so visually affected. Next: Being a jerk is a pretty good way to get viewers to turn against you ….

He may be celebrated for his take on Italian fare. Whether it was on Food Network or another channel , it was obvious DiSpirito was more interested in being a celebrity than creating delicious dishes. So you can see why the Food Network would want to put him on camera. The thing is, though, that a little bit of that niceness goes a long way. And by the end of an episode, his sweetness — and his love for surfer-bro style — are likely going to give you a toothache. Much like Rocco DiSpirito, Action Bronson is more interested in being a celebrity than anything else. And while having your own show where cameras follow you around while you eat is probably a dream come true, the whole chef-turned rapper thing is just weird.

No wonder he ended up with a show on Vice instead. And while Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives introduces us to some truly delicious eats, having to watch Fieri messily shove food into his mouth can do a on your appetite. Giada de Laurentiis via Instagram. There are few celebrity chefs who make viewers cringe quite like Giada. Next: The only thing that really makes this next host interesting is a scandal …. No good, Food Network. Her kitchen comes with a deep fryer. The Food Network. On top of being an all-around loathsome individual, she made a fortune promoting impossibly unhealthy dishes.

And then teamed up with big pharma to make money off of her diabetes diagnosis. At least the Food Network was in its right mind to drop Deen after her penchant for racist language became public. To put it bluntly, the Worst Cooks in America co-host is just flat out weird. Even before the multiple sexual harassment allegations, many viewers were puzzled as to why Mario Batali was on the air for so long. Although widely successful, Batali and his slicked-back ponytail still rubbed many viewers the wrong way.

Possibly because rumors he was a creep had been floating around long before his epic fall from grace in Despite her seemingly unwavering popularity, Rachel Ray continues to drive Food Network viewers crazy with her weird catchphrases and nasal vocal quality.

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Andrew zimmern naked

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