Anime girl desp

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Ace Attorney [3]. Avatar: The Last Airbender [10]. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai [2]. Case Closed Detective Conan [3]. Irresponsible Captain Tylor [1]. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann [1]. Guests: 5 Members:. Asuka's release by yarr [ Reviews - 4 ]. Summary: A requested doodle, will likely clean it up into a full story evenually. Sora's problem by OrpheumZero [ Reviews - 2 ]. Summary: During their search for the Dark Masters, the kids decide to take a break.

Summary: The unlikely couple of the anime Elfen Lied share their first passionate night together, but what happens when Nyuu needs to relieve her massive bladder? The Colossal One by hotfoot [ Reviews - 2 ]. Summary: Armin discovers the true power of the Colossal Titan.

Gabi and the Rations Gone Bad by hotfoot [ Reviews - 0 ]. Summary: After eating spoiled rations, a promising Warrior candidate finds her bathroom options limited in the trenches. Three toilet related events are able to unfold in this colossal skyscaper. Let us The Missing Piece by hotfoot [ Reviews - 6 ]. Summary: Alice recounts her memories of a long road trip with her childhood friend, but can't tell how it ends.

Elias fills in the blanks. Summary: Part 2 of a League of Legends fart and scat desperation story. Twisted Fate attempts to steal an important package that Caitlyn has been hired to protect Summary: An overarching story involving many characters from the universe of League of Legends involving fart and scat desperation.

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Anime girl desp

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