Anthro indominus rex

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General Rating. Download Submission. Jurassic World and character des. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Growth tf jurassic world indominus rex. Listed in Folders Jurassic World and character des. Locomotiveman92 link. Charfadebendix DaBest link parent. Aww dank youu so much. Nice attempt. I can see you're progressing pretty fast on your sound-mixing considering this is probably your 4th one now. A tiny bit of advice I would give is that you really ought to work on the "volume balance". One of the problems I can see is that the sound effects are excessively loud which in turn is causing it to drown out your voice which is barely audible especially onwards.

Depending on the audio editing software you're using, you can either just lower the volume on the sound effects track if your audio editing does multitrack or lower the volume of the sound effects individually. If possible, try and minimize any background sounds during custom recordings by turning off fans, TVs, air conditioners ect as I can guarantee that the Mic will pick it up and disrupt the integrity of the recording. Your character has become a gigantic reptilian beast here. I seriously doubt there would be a TV left running let alone a house standing. You can then keep the sound in your own "sound library" for re-use at a later date.

One more thing. When recording the dialogue for your transformed state, try to put on a gruffer, hoarse voice if possible. It'll give a far more convincing impression that your human character has transformed into a monstrous beast once you've lowered the pitch of the voice. Charfadebendix DaBest link.

Oh good thank you I completley forgot to mute the TV I was being stupid and forgot but I'll be sure to do that sorry for vol problem idk what happened and I will do a much deeper sexier voice for my next one and the part where my voice was not able to be heard was actually what I planned during the muscle growth ya and if I do plan for a TV background then I'll leave it on thanks so much fro the critique I'm going to ref your comment and use the tips thanks for the advice it helped alot.

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Anthro indominus rex

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An Anthro Indominus Rex Dressed As Judy Hopps From - Anthro Indominus Rex, HD Png Download