Apartment wrestling 2013

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We thought it would be fun to put all our YouTube videos in one place, so here they be. And be ready for the new RD and Blade radio progrem! RD Reynolds — Heel Commentator from ! A quick glance up at that image may not give you much to work with but look closer. Broken Matt has lost his memory. Fortunately, he found a great sweater…and lobster bisque! He wanted to knock the boots as well How about seeing a mascot get the holy crap beat out of him! Thanks, Booker. Turns out she has entered the wholesome world of apartment wrestling.

Who knew apartment wrestling had weight divisions? I truly miss all of the characters from that time period, as well as the crazy Vince Russo booking. And that is why this Grayson clip is posted this week. Kamala attacks Howard Finkel ed by Stinger Continue Reading No Mean Gene to hassle Paul this time. In his place we get the three-time NWA world heavyweight champion, Lou Thesz, conducting the interview.

And what a fine interview it is, complete with Continue Reading Please give us a better title. We will love you for it. Note from RD: No one ever did! And if you want to see the original that this is a parody of, try clicking here. One thing makes this video an all-time classic. But the second, whoo ladies, get ready to have an orgasm. Yes, you can order a poster of Jeff Jarrett trying his best to be Continue Reading One of the problems with the economy is that the people who do have money are afraid to spend any. Remember, little Crappers, listen Continue Reading In my opinion, my money should be dropped out on a Fabulous Continue Reading Maybe you just got dumped, perhaps?

Hold back those lonely Continue Reading How about watching a funky rap music video featuring Dave Meltzer analyzing all the wackiness that ensues during one. Toilets, beer, mannequins and knives. I went back and forth about posting this after all, we all mark out from time to time, right?

A bird puppet being a regular on a talk show. What the hell were those guys thinking? What kind of kids show is that? Also a must is that this needs inducted asap. Anyone have a full version of it? If so, drop me a line!

Apartment wrestling 2013

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