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It was December 31st in Sinnoh, and Ash had completely moved in with Dawn at her house. Johanna's room was their new room, and Dawn's old room had Ash's clothing and other items. The smell of pancakes and bacon took up the house early that morning. Ash was preparing a huge birthday breakfast for Dawn. She was turning eighteen that day and she was super excited. Dawn woke up and rubbed her eyes, and noticed that Ash had already gotten up.

It was early, about nine o'clock, which was unusual for Ash since he loved to sleep in most of the time. Dawn was in her pajamas and she scurried downstairs to find out what that amazing smell was. She saw Ash flipping pancakes and turning over bacon. She kissed Ash's lips and gave him a big hug. Ash wrapped his hands around Dawn's butt and rubbed it slowly.

Dawn knew this but didn't care. Dawn smiled and rested her head on Ash's shoulders. Dawn ate her special breakfast and got dressed. She planned to go to Jubilife City before midnight, so she could watch the fireworks pop off to ring in the new year. Ash and Dawn walked to Sandgem Town at about three o'clock to a small coffee shop to relax before the festivities. They sat in the coffee shop quietly, checking their cell phones. They were both on their social media apps and they took a couple of pictures to share with their friends.

Ash's plan was to get on top of Jubilife's tallest building, the radio tower, where the organizers for the New Year's party were televising the event. He wanted to ask Dawn during the last ten seconds of the year, and have her answer at midnight. Ash had already gotten in touch with the organizers and they allowed him to do it. A few hours had past and it was about eight o'clock. Ash and Dawn walked around Jubilife for a few hours exploring their stores and restaurants.

He had been stopped by many young fans for autographs. Dawn was okay with it until some female fans came up to Ash and got touchy with him. They were right around an ice cream shop, near a dark alleyway. Fuck off! The fangirls ran away with disgusted looks on their faces. We should head towards the radio tower, it's starting to get busy. Just before Ash finished his sentence, Dawn tackled Ash into the alleyway and kissed him rapidly. Ash tried to stop Dawn, but she wouldn't let up.

She was on top of him and locked his arms onto the ground. Dawn stood up and nodded. They got up and walked towards the radio tower. It had reached about eleven o'clock once Ash and Dawn got into the building after squeezing through the thousands of people surrounding the radio tower. They took an elevator up to a nice lounge that many high-end business people hung out at.

Ash and Dawn walked inside. Ash was aled to go towards the organizer's board room, but Ash had to distract Dawn. I gotta pee. Dawn smiled and nodded. She walked away towards the drink table. Ash scurried into the board room. Ash came out of the board room, with his whole plan in place. Dawn, however, was nowhere to be seen. Ash looked around, but couldn't find her at all. He decided to head up to the roof of the building, and prepare for his plan anyways. No one, except for Ash was up on the roof.

It was cold, and Ash had a thin jacket on him. He shivered as he looked around for Dawn. Ash checked his phone to see that it was already eleven fifty-eight. He was so confused at why Dawn was nowhere to be seen. Then, the door that lead to the roof opened, and the organizer held it open. He couldn't believe his eyes. He saw Dawn walk out in a wedding dress and a bouquet of lovely flowers in her hands. She walked up to Ash and smiled. They locked eyes, and hands without saying any words. A priest walked up and said all the shit that a priest says during a wedding; that's not what we care about, except for the part where he says, "Dawn Berlitz, do take Ash Ketchum as your wedded husband?

As Ash and Dawn leaned in for their ceremonial kiss, the people of Jubilife counted down the final seconds of the New Year's countdown. Ash's and Dawn's lips collided at midnight, and everyone cheered in joy. Fireworks went off. Blood rushed through the lover's bodies. You have changed me into a better man. It hasn't been too long since we've been together, but I feel like I've been with you forever. Ever since Pikachu died, you've been my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, and my penis pleaser.

Dawn laughed and teared up. Thank you, and I love you, with everything that I offer. Dawn started to cry. She wiped her tears and looked at Ash in the eyes. I definitely don't deserve what you give to me, but you deserve what I give to you. You are my rock, my sunshine, my love.

I wouldn't be alive if you weren't there for me in my darkest times. Not only that, but my butthole would've never felt so good either. Ash chuckled and a tear dropped from his face onto Dawn's breast. Ash sucked it off and allowed Dawn to continue with what she wanted to say. I love you. I want to be with you forever.

I want this night to be the best night of our lives. So, are you ready to impregnate me? Ash smiled and nodded. They kissed deeply, and went into love-making mode. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. It gets very sexual, so I advise that you stay away if you are too young or uncomfortable to read this. Please enjoy! Chapter Bang! New Year's Love! I can't let that happen! Ash exhaled. They fell back on their hotel bed. Naked, in love an hungry for hardcore, love-making. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7.

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Ash and dawn sex fanfiction

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