Beautiful samoan woman

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We use cookies on this site to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. Learn more. Accept X. When you buy through links on our site, As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a commission. Searching for the perfect name for your little girl can be a tricky and stressful job. There is so much choice from so many different cultures besides your own that it can be overwhelming. One culture that has some of the most beautiful names that are rich in culture and history is Samoan. Ala — A short and sweet Samoan name that has a regal meaning.

It is said to carry the meaning of excellence or high ranking. Aolani — With this name choice comes a heavenly meaning of cloudy sky or heaven. Elei — A name that reflects Samoan tradition and culture. Elei is the name given to the traditional fabric decoration where block printing des and pattern carving on wooden blocks, that are inked and pressed onto the fabric.

Emere — Although not the best meaning for a name, that of rival, there is the potential that it could stir a spirit of healthy competition. Heilani — Every little girl wants to be a princess so why not opt for a name with a regal meaning. This name means royal crown. Inina — This name would be perfect for that little girl that is a little shy and reserved. It means glimmer, a faint intermittent light.

Kahaleohulehua — The name means the house decorated with Lehua blossoms. It offers a less common alternative to Lolita. Lanimele — Means heavenly song and is a beautiful choice for your little angel. Lanuola is made up of two Samoan words — lanu which means color and ola which means life. Lehiwa — Another great option for your beautiful little girl and means admirable or attractive. Lulu — A name that is both chic and charming, it is said to mean pearl and would make a great choice for a fiery little girl.

Manaia — This captivating name means beautiful, nice, good all attributes you want for your little girl. Masina — Great unisex option that is equally popular with both boys and girls, it means moon. Natia — The name is said to come from a longer Samoan name and carries the interesting meaning of hidden treasure or secret. Nauri — Means the two young coconut shoots. A name that is both in touch with nature and also means rebirth and growth.

Penina — Of Hebrew origin and means pearl in the Samoan language. Poehere — Another name associated with pearl, this name means pearl of love. Poeiva — Means brilliant pearl. The name offers an interesting twist on the more traditional name Pearl. Rasiella — A Samoan name that means beautiful flower, a great option for any little girl. Rongomaiwhenua — This is a very long Samoan name that is incredibly complex. It also will come with its own challenges in both spelling and pronunciation but it means earth mother so will be worth it.

Samaria — It is believed to be a biblical name in Samoa and has the meaning good samaritan. Samoa — Taken from the breathtaking island itself. There is a longer variation of Sinasamoa which means white sand of Samoa. Sefina — One of the most rhythmic Samoan names that could also be lengthened to Losefina. Solosolo — This name offers a repetitiveness that many find appealing, the name means dry. It is also believed to have a meaning bonus. Tama — Derived from the name Tamara which is of Hebrew origin and means date palm tree.

Tamah — Quite a popular name and is a Hebrew name that means honest and innocent. Teuila — Pronounced as tay Wee Lah and means beautiful red flower and beautiful ginger flower. Although this Samoan name means victorious and is a chic and stylish option. They are rich in culture, tradition, and beauty and would make a great name choice for your little princess.

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Beautiful samoan woman

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