Beyonce crotch slip

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Josephine Baker, the earlyth-century African-American dancer, comic, and singer—hugely famous in Paris. Photo by Getty Images. You thought it was the performer herself on the stage? Not any more. Now I think of her as a complete sell-out, using her body to sell her music, and the Pepsi-Cola Company as her pimp du jour. Who pays? The American public, all of us, not only girls and women but also men and boys who view this objectification with not only approval but outright enthusiasm.

Lest you think me a prude — and I confess, I feel like one right now — I want to say that I think sex is a natural and, at its best, enjoyable, human function that we have somehow confused with morality. I would never judge another for his or her sexual choices, as long as everyone involved were adult and the sex, consensual. But what Beyonce and her coterie of gyrating, scantily-clad cohorts did on that stage was reinforce before million viewers the notion that women exist for one reason, and that is the sexual gratification of men.

Did I say that she did so needlessly? With her voice and her performing abilities, Beyonce could have pulled off an equally stunning show without giving top billing to her Crotch. That sad and distorted message was broadcast during an event which also featured, in the stands, the most sex trafficking of any event in the country, according to the U.

Attorney General. Sometimes, she speaks so passionately about the egalitarianism of her own generation that she almost convinces me that we no longer need to fight the fight for equality. In fact, I want to believe her. Visit her website here. I agree with you on this. It is sad. Famous women in the spotlight could be role models and exemplars. Do you find this is a delicate and fine line—that in raising objections, one might be more considered too prudish, conservative, or backward, instead of genuinely seeking the best?

Yes, I certainly do! But when a woman so blatantly makes a sex object of herself — accompanied by a whole stage full of women doing the same — she stands, in our social consciousness, for all women. Thank you for this post. I wasted my time waiting for the half-time show. It was disgusting to watch Beyonce and fellow women on the stage bouncing around, making sexual moves rather than singing. She left after the first two minutes, I should have done the same.

We are not only what we eat, but also what we watch, listen to, and read. Sherry, I agree with you. Shock shock!!! She has too much beauty and talent to dress as she did for the super bowl. Yes, and as tempted as I am to blame Pepsi or her manager or someone else, Mariah insists that she has full control over it all. I do wonder, however, if she realized how the camera would zoom in on her nether regions to open the performance.

Others tell me that Beyonce always sexes it up, which disturbs me even more. Does she really need to do it in order to make money? Exactly as you have said — being such a huge figure in the media, she has become a prime target for role models for young girls and women, and to dress like that … it just makes me sick. Very well said, Sherry! I totally agree and was thinking much of the same during and even after it was over. I know, Michelle, me, too! I noticed that Beyonce was the ONLY one on the stage whose skirt swooped up and over her crotch to not only reveal it but also highlight it.

Mariah, my daughter, tells me that she is not exploited by anyone, such as an unscrupulous manager, but has full control over every aspect of her career. Good for her, but still…. Learn More. Buy Now. Photo by Getty Images What?

Beyonce crotch slip

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