Biggest boobs on the world

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Who is truly Annie Hawkins? What is it like to be in the shoes of the woman with the largest breasts in the world? Annie Hawkins is a beautiful American woman, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. For over 13 years, it carries its title. With physical extraordinaire, 51 kg of weight for both breasts breast measure , 22 cm and the other in , 8 cm , with a size of bra ZZZ … she out people and become a real celebrity.

At age 10, she uses her first bra and her life changes. The characteristics of its unique physical:. Annie is a quiet person who is full of joy. Despite this, the situation has not always been easy. Mother of a little boy, she must face the difficulty of imposing breasts and also the mocking eyes of people to the daily. Indeed, Annie says:. If I have to go back into bed, if I do not get up in the right way, I can do very bad.

If I stand up too long, too, have huge pain in the shoulders. Being forced to wear a very young bra was not easy. The look of other changes, only 10 years, Annie was already wearing bras. She understood at that time it was totally different. Despite this, Annie fully assume its difference, it must cope with laughter or derogatory teasing about his physical every day that hurts the most developed.

Annie says:. When I leave my house, I have to think about what my day will be and who will attack me today. Every day someone does not know me, teasing me. They make fun of me and there is no reason. I am human like everyone else. And she took pictures for adult sites. On his photos, Annie says:. I showed people that you can be sexy in your way. I speak, I am your fantasy. But in reality, you would have never met. He treated me like a queen. He loved me and he loved my children. He was my angel, it was not just sexual. I lived very, very dark days, and god, really came to me, she said.

I really think my husband was my angel. He kissed me, taught me to love myself, she said. Surgery, out of the question? Each person is born as God has decided. Annie Hawkins has understood and fully accept their differences. Many people ask him to resort to surgery to be like everyone else. But what is normality? Annie says she was blessed in a way different from the others.

Good about yourself, it perfectly fulfills its large breasts. I was born like that, and just because I do not meet the standards of society, who are they to tell me to change? I never thought to use a scalpel. Why fix something that is not broken? Others have tried to imitate me, but are never managed. It gives me, I admit, some financial security because of the sudden people are after me.

Annie is a fighter. She says :. I had a permanent tooth against life. Life was different. But I have learned to embrace. I like to live. Despite the setbacks, she said with a love for God, her husband and her own self-esteem helped to affirm and love. Do you know Annie Hawkins? What did you do in her situation? Traditional plant.

Annie Hawkins — the woman with the biggest natural breasts in the world. Tags : Annie Hawkins - the woman with the biggest natural breasts in the world The woman with the biggest natural breasts in the world. Afro hair inspiration: a bold and authentic hairstyle 5 months ago.

Biggest boobs on the world

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