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Photo Source: Bleu's Instagram. Barima McKnight , famously known as Bleu Davinci in the urban music industry, is an American rapper and an actor. Famed for his association with a drug organization, he has also written several ear-piercing gangster raps blended with punchy southern hip-hop beats. Davinci has influenced many Southern hip-hop artists in his era. The rapper is also rumored to have been associated with an African-American gang in his early years. The notorious rapper was affiliated with the Black Mafia Family BMF , which gained him much disreputable fame in his career.

Davinci even got in trouble with the law for his connection with BMF. Davinci's life story has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride for the rapper. Now, living the family life, Blue Davinci is gradually overcoming his past and aims to construct a bright future with his family. Let's learn about Barima "Bleu Davinci" Mcknight's biography. Although his birthplace is confirmed to be in Los Angeles, California, any information regarding his parents and their whereabouts is still unknown. Davinci was raised in Carson, California but later moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Bleu Davinci as a toddler in He was alleged to have stabbed them with an ice pick at a birthday party. Next year, in , Dixson was shot dead by his ex-girlfriend at around am in Atlanta's Buckhead area. Big Meech convinced and authorized Davinci to control the BMF entertainment, which was established as a front organization for illegal money laundering. Photo Source: Social Media. The rapper was vigorously promoting BMF Entertainment through his lyrics, albums, videos, and live shows.

Both of the brothers were sentenced to 30 years in prison while the authorities investigated Davinci's involvement with the organization. On October 30, , Bleu Davinci was sentenced to five years and four months in federal prison, followed by five years of supervised release, after crucial evidence was found against him. During the hearings, Davinci claimed that he was not aware of the "other side of their business" when he first met Demetrius Flenory and before his affiliation with the organization.

After his release in , Davinci continued his musical journey releasing his mixtape 'The Davinci Code,' 'Respect the Unexpected,' and 'Angels and Demons' in the following years. Apart from music studios, the rapper has also delivered sublime performances as an actor on film sets. Being a rapper in the music industry could be financially beneficial if one is successful. Davinci has been winning the hearts of his fans through his songs since the s.

Coming to the present, Davinci might have accumulated a ificant sum of money from his career. Let's see what adds to Bleu Davinci's net worth. After all, the Black Mafia Family members were famous for their extravagant lifestyles. Being associated with the group, Davinci could have earned a decent salary with other remunerations too. However, many guessed that the rapper's financial earning capacity would be affected due to his incarceration.

But on the contrary, Davinci seems to be earning quite smoothly from his musical ventures. So, you can guess how much Bleu Davinci is earning nowadays. Scrolling through his Instagram , we found that the rapper lives a luxurious lifestyle.

He even posts pictures of exquisite cars and yachts on the . According to some sources, he is associated with Miami's prominent rental platform, MVP Exotics, which rents out high-end cars for high-profile celebrities. He is seen promoting their expensive vehicles for chartering purposes for anyone willing to pay the hefty bucks.

That means the rapper is also generating a bulky income from the promotional business as well. Furthermore, Davinci has lent his name to a luxury sneaker brand, Giuliano Galiano, to craft pairs of limited edition high-top python leather sneakers. The Davinci sneaker is undoubtedly an expensive collector's item that could cost thousands of dollars.

The deal could also have added a ificant amount to Bleu Da Vinci's net worth. Although the actress was determined to keep the secret, her co-stars revealed that the BMF rapper Bleu was the baby daddy of Keely Hill. Bleu Davinci's son, Xavier J. McKnight, can be seen on his Instagram. Bleu Davinci shares pictures of his children on his Instagram. Apart from his youngest son, Xavier, Davinci is also a father to three other kids. Also, he is blessed with a daughter named Madisyn McKnight. He frequently posts their pictures on his Instagram. It seems like the notorious rapper has grown into a good dad.

Being a father to four children, Barima "Bleu Davinci" McKnight has turned into a responsible family man who is currently working hard for his children's development and safety. Please use this form to inform eBiographyPost about any grammar errors or mistakes in any information mentioned in the article. Published on 10 March, See any mistake? Help Us Correct Submit a correction suggestion and help us fix it! What is in the question? Top Visited. Popular in . Baby Celebrity Relationship. Related Articles.

Bleu davinci bio

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