Bob crane gay

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Log in. I posted this earlier but I can't see it on the board, very strange. Hogan on the series Hogan's Heroes. I know Celeon would be interested to see this but I don't know if there is a way for him to see this in Germany. Edit: It finally showed up, so I deleted the other post. Reply Share this post.

The police assumed it was his friend the famous movie maker John Carpenter but couldnt find proofs. Funny thing is that the only real german in the series was Werner Klemperer Wilhelm Klink the camp commander. He dubbed himself in the german translation with his unbelievable funny saxon accent. So there are even more additional jokes brought in with the german dubbing. Remember him? Corporal Newkirk?

Did you know that he is stuttering in the german dubbing? I never heard anything about Bob Crane being gay. He was married to one of the blondes who portrayed Helga, Klink's secretary. I think it was Cynthia Lynn whom he married. I just saw the movie "autofocus" which, as a drama pretty much covers his downfall realistically.

There's a documentary with the DVD that covers the messed up police investigation and the reinvestigation that occured about 7 years later. Both Carpenter and Crane had a "sex addiction" and carpenter filmed Crane in action, which was his obsession film, pornography, etc. Crane divorced his longtime first wife for the second Helga Sigrid Valdis of the show, who didn't mind having an open marriage with Bob Crane. It's never been proved conclusively He told that to Carpenter who could who could not deal with Crane not performing on camera for him anymore and there's strong evidence that he blugeoned him to death in a hotel room in Arizona.

Capenter died about four years after the second investigation. Dawson went on to become famous with the game show "family feud" in the s where he was notorious for giving every female constestant a big smooch even with their husbands or fathers nearby It's almost sad He was a good jazz drummer.

Maybe they should had let the german Polizei take on the investigations I heard in the news today about an british study that says that the germans are the smartest europeans. I didnt saw the entire rating but on place : 1. Germany average IQ of 2. Poland average IQ of 3. Britain average IQ of last place Celeon imagines a smile on u. I bet they didnt included german politicians into the study or we had been dropped to place 10 or something like that Hand the Bob Crane case over to us, we will solve this criminal puzzle in no time and find the murderer But i must admit that the creator of the study has also some very strange theories about intelligence.

He thinks that intelligence is connected to the climate the people are living in. In his studys people from countries with lower temperatures are smarter than people with warmer climates. He thinks that the climate has an long term effect on the human brain.

Living in cold climate means you become smarter after a few thousand years of evolution. Originally posted by Celeon In his studys people from countries with lower temperatures are smarter than people with warmer climates. Archive Top. The address for your Ubisoft is currently: Verify now. The time now is PM.

Bob crane gay

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The lost language of Crane: Greg Kinnear and director Paul Schrader talk about the homoerotic tension behind the Bob Crane biopic Auto Focus. (film).