Bra wearing husband

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I have gynecomastia and wearing a bra helps. I wasn't so happy with the idea of wearing a bra but I thought I would try one because my breasts were getting so big. I haven't looked back. I have been wearing a bra for 3 years now. My breasts don't ache and back and neck pain have disappeared. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Why Does Husband Wear Bra? Lee Jay answered. Probably because you husband likes the look and feel. I have small breast fill a B cup and I wear a bra because it offers support minimizes the bounce , hides my nipples which other wise show through my clothes.

My wife was the first one to suggest that I really should wear a bra. She got me to try it and she was right. So yes I wear a bra daily I like the look and feel of it and she likes the look too. Anonymous answered. Many men have some chest development, whether muscle, fat or glandular tissue gynecomastia. Weight gain and advancing years can create support problems, with sagging or bouncing. Men may be reluctant to turn to the solutions women use, such as a sports bra. They want the equivalent of a sports bra for men.

Render Blender answered. You've got a cross dresser on your hands. There's nothing wrong in what your husband is doing, so let him be. At least he's doing it with YOUR bra and not with another woman's. Try to play with him when he's in the mood. Dress him up, apply makeup, let him prance around. You'll get him SO ready to give you good sex.

Kyoko Katayama answered. He may be getting sexual pleasure from wearing women's under clothing. Does he wear panties, too? Mb he didn't come out of the closet yet? Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect. All Topics Relationships Sex.

Bra wearing husband

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Why Does Husband Wear Bra?