Breast expansion fic

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Author has written 10 stories for Misc. Games, Fire Emblem, and Misc. Sort: Category. Lust Everyone has something to offer someone. However, you have something to offer someone in immense amount.

Cold You rescue a girl from hypothermia. She is very appreciative when she wakes up. Jog You bump into an attractive girl on your morning jog. Hijinks ensues. Growth Your breakthrough in natural body enhancement has reached beta state and you are executing the first test. The volunteer seems nervous but excited. Yoga Whatever your opinion on yoga might be, any man can probably agree that having a shapely female in front during class is always a welcome coincidence.

Old Classmate You meet with a girl you took to prom five years back. She was chubby back then. Only in the right places. Country You help a pretty country girl out and she sees it fit to reward you for your hard work. Red Hello! This is a new series of fanfics I'm writing that revolve around short but sweet stories that are written in the style of readerXgirl.

The process of making these stories is as such: I make pictures of these girls using an avatar make app and write different stories for every girl. Also, I will make a second chapter, which will be a lemon chapter, for all wanted stories. Country Gal's Growth reviews Mozu has a crush on Corrin but believes her figure is inadequate.

So she asks Orochi for help on the matter. Includes breast expansion. Enhancer Enzymes A young Finnish guy and his childhood crush grow in ways never imagined before thanks to a medical breakthrough in enhancing the effects of exercise. Terms of Service.

Breast expansion fic

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Breast Expansion Story Collection: A Collection Of The Best Breast Expansion Tales