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Some great stuff there. Johnny Briggs felt like one of the few truly working class programmes on Kids TV back in the 80's, most "working class" stuff felt like it a middle class vision of working class life. It's sad that Gilbert is classified as lesser known. He was one of my childhood heroes! I would question the claim that some of those are lesser known, I remember,fondly ,the majority of those. One theme that was quite common amongst kids TV in those days was how they treated kids with respect and didn't talk to or dumb down when creating programmes. Gilbert was a comedy genius ,totally off the cuff ,no script,brilliant TV.

Good article. It was scary and exciting. I don't remember the TV programme, but when I was in first year at high school we studied the novel of the Silver Sword by Ian Serralier and I loved it. I'd forgotten about Mick and Mack! Dizzy Heights was hugely popular at the time, wasn't the boy in the Gristle family called Eustace? Some great trips down memory lane here. Yes, Eustace was the boy from the Gristles. I saw the very start of that episode of Pointless - it was incredibly strange seeing Jonny Briggs as a middle aged man!

Does anyone remember the name of a kids' drama that was based in a hotel, I think maybe in Jersey or it could have just been the South coast somewhere. I can't remember much more detail apart from one episode where the son convinced his dad to buy an arcade machine for the hotel and then he changed the order to 10 arcade machines. Ah, that's the one, thanks. It was Blackpool so nowhere near South Coast. I'd add LUNA to the list. The first series - with Patsy Kensit - was my favourite, and I loved the Nat-esque jargon used by the characters.

I have a vague memory of a s childrens tv programme which featured the song "Alexander's Ragtime Band" possibly as the theme. It may have been set in the 20s and a woman character rode a bike. Is my imagination playing tricks on me? Haha, I was on my school's Hold Tight team in c or , I was the one on the snakes and ladders board. It was great fun and a day out at Alton Towers too.

The only band I can remember being on when we were there was the Shillelagh Sisters. Thanks so much for this, it's really taken me back. No worries, I absolutely loved Let's Pretend as a kid. It's a shame there's barely any footage of it online. Does anybody remember a morning kid's show from the 70s where a really stereotypical granny-type woman used to bake stuff with the help of a group of children? She came on first and then opened a little door that the helper kids used to come into the 'kitchen' through. I was wondering if it was a segment within another show - possibly Pipkins - but I don't think it was.

If anybody knows the answer please let me know. It's driving me mad! At last, somebody else who remembers this!!! I'm starting to think it may well have been Fun Food Factory, but I could have sworn the woman was an old lady, which of course in , Nanette Newman most definitely was not I remember this programme and loved the part when the child came out of the door.

I am going to say Farmhouse kitchen. It started in Ah, this was actually Granny's Kitchen. A spin-off from Farmhouse Kitchen. Hosted by Dorothy Sleightholme. I assume this tour was on the strength of the show as it would've been around the same time.

She was lovely. Atarah came to our school in the 's Haslingden County Primary in Lancashire and coincidentally years later I took guitar lessons off her step-son. I bet no-one can remember the name of a kids program on uk tv in the late 80'z and early 90's with a totally tripped on girl doll walking through a field like she just tripple-dropped some mega acid tabs and is literally just seeing kaleidoscopes. That is her expression. Oh and you all forget Pob. However, memories keep flooding back. I wouldn't mind so much, but I was already well into adulthood by then: evidently, this is a demonstration of the kind of stuff I used to watch in the 90s whilst stoned and not in possession of either cable TV or an internet connection.

However did we live Very trippy intro. Great article, have just read both it and it's follow-up I'll probably leave my thoughts for that one on it's own write-up, but suffice to say it was well put together and is a bizarre example of "why are some remembered and some forgotten".

I'm really bucking the trend here with kids of my era but I never really liked Gilbert much. Although I did like humour such as 'Round the Bend' a forgotten classic I'll mention again I just found Gilbert "trying a bit too hard to be 'orrible". Maybe I just wasn't in the right age bracket.

I believe there was a small amount of merchandise as well I vaguely remember having a Telebugs storybook but might be getting confused. Maybe it's stuck due to the great Pat Coombs being in it, or due to Mark Harris, who I sat next to at school, knocking off his own version of the series's song, both the original and his own unique version I can still vividly recall "Ragdolly Anna Come with me Upside-down in the lavatory Likewise, I don't recall 'Go With Noakes' as it was just slightly before me, though I knew of the legendary Noakes from my set of 'Blue Peter' year books I collected from jumble sales yes, I was that nerdy child!

Two episodes of that I recall vividly is one where Peter Duncan learns to film a James Bond-esque stunt action sequence complete with white suit , and one of him trying to sail a VW Beetle over the sea. Hmm, wonder if it's on YouTube It was simple yet somehow had a certain quality to it, it was very 'honest' and no frills, genteel yet more 'gritty' thanks to it's working class northern setting. To a lad who grew up in the outer reaches of Greater London, it actually gave me a real genuine feel of life "Oop norf".

It was based on a series of books which had some differences to the TV series, not least being Jonny had more siblings in the books ; I still have 'Johnny Briggs and the Ghost' which I was awarded at school in for full attendance that year. Okay, useless story! I can't recall watching 'Tales of the Rodent Sherlock Holmes' though I'm sure I did see it again it probably clashed with something else , but I do recall really enjoying it's similar-themed predecessor, 'Ratman'.

When I first came to look up about the series when the internet was still quite a new thing, I was surprised to learn that A it didn't use the 'Grandad' song, and B it actually wasn't released at around the same time as the song in my mind it was an older programme that was being repeated when I had seen it. Benn, etc. Talking of which, whilst Griffith is rightly beloved by many, it strikes me that he's not yet widely "recognised" and hailed for his genius by the masses.

Hope it's not another one who's full body of work is only recognised "what it's too late I remember Let's Pretend's making up stories using only basic items and backgrounds, much in the vein of various 'Playschool' segments. Excellent blog! As you say, most information on the web is too focused on the most well known children's TV and the lesser known stuff is neglected.

Did you just happen to be passing and took the snaps? Or were you working there in some capacity? And, thanks, I'm slowly uncovering the forgotten side of British TV one article at a time. I remember ren's program probably early seventies about that discovers a train and train line bricked up behind a wall.

I know I didn't imagine it but can't find anything about it. Yep - I remember that and have been trying to identify it, but I would have placed it mid to late 70s. What about Children of the Stones, and Tarot Dodds the mystery man. Some scary stuff in the 70s. Hi, Yes remember children of the the stones, think it was filmed in Aylesbury, and the tomorrow people had a rather disturbing intro, not to mention Terry Nations, Survivors, All very disturbing as .

I was born in , so most of the list was after my time. Being very nostalgic and in the possession of a good memory, I tend to remember all the programmes from the 60s and 70s I watched and liked, but along with David above I am trying to identify a BBC I think children's tv drama featuring a bricked up steam engine and line.

The other one that puzzles me is another drama series, early ot mid 70s, which featured some sort of time travel and memorisation of a code to get them to return to the present. It was repeated at least once, but unlike the 'Tomorrow People', seems to have slipped into obscurity.

I think it was a BBC production, and so it will be in the Genome project, but I haven't found it yet. Any thoughts? Ps- Jumbo Spencer brought me here somehow? Well after a bit more research on the bricked up steam train it seems to be a three part tv series called the Viaduct, children of brass and iron. Many thanks. Sorry I did not pop back earlier Having looked at the synopsis on TV Cream the first of my queries is unquestionably the Viaduct. The time travel one might be Timeslip, ren's drama series broadcast in Does anyone recall a scifi show 80ss possibly on CBBC Phil Schofield or earlier about a girl that finds different parts of a spaceship?

She runs over one bit on her bike. Pulls another out of a bog? Not a cartoon. Any ideas? Hello James, I'm pleased you have a memory of the bricked up steam train, I have a feeling it was BBC program and was shown on a weekday morning or early afternoon early seventies. I think I was off school unwell at the time. I guess it may have been part of the bbcs watch series or its forerunner. Just glad I didn't imagine it. Does anyone recall a TV series, I believe in the late 70's that was about a joy who had an old recluse as a friend who lived near a secluded lake?

The opening titles always stuck in my mind of scenes around a lake, dragonflies, fish jumping etc? Any ides? This brings back lots of great memories. I came looking for a tv drama called "follow me" which was about a teen girl who possessed some knowledge that sinister forces were after. A boy tried to help her but she was abducted and the series followed his attempts to free her and their attempts to get what they wanted by chemical and psychological methods. Sound familiar to anyone? I am trying to find the lead actress's name of a show I saw in the 80s I think of a girl who ran away to the circus, I thought it was called Runaway but can't find anything.

Have you guys got any idea? I've been searching for this for years. I was 9 in Scotland in the late 's. Might have been broadcast on the Grampian channel so perhaps people in England might have never seen it.

Cartoon slug laying on a couch

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