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In the last couple listicles we started moving into a different style with lists based more around powers, abilities and strength rather than purely based on the style and effectiveness of the workout routine that is inspired by the character or celebrity. Either way these listicles are both fun AND a great way to help you guys find workouts outside of scouring through The Workout Database. That being said, I will also be doing two things to make this fair for any characters that are not on the list:. And, if you guys are into these type of listicles over our other variation, then you can also check out the new style we used on superheroes most recently.

This is based on research into other listicles, my own opinion after watching DBZ and Super multiple times over, and also considering the SHJ Army members inside our Academy who I worked with asking for their own lists and rankings as well. Piccolo may have started out in DBZ as a antagonist but he quickly became an ally, friend and even trainer to Gohan and the rest of the gang.

Piccolo has been stated to be stronger than Super Saiyan Goku and was able to take on Super Saiyan 2 Gohan at one point, but his power does not grow as fast as the Saiyans, and thus, despite constantly training, which brings him in as our sixteenth character. You can check out The Piccolo Workout Routine here. Master Roshi is one of the strongest humans, and as DBZ would all them, earthings, in the history of humanity. Even after we factor in he fact that his age has slowed him down a bit, Master Roshi is still able to enter the Tournament of Power and put on a show for us, standing up against the strongest characters across all universes.

And here comes the start of our female badasses from Dragon Ball Z and Super! This was actually a hard decision on what the order should be of he next three, but in the end I decided Caulifla comes in at fourteen before we see a few of our Androids. You can check out The Caulifla Workout Routine here.

I should have likely called for a spoiler alert, but you probably saw that coming. Either way, though, 17 definitely deserves her slot on this list, whether that be up or down one position in line. You can check out The Android 18 Workout Routine here. At twelve we have Android 17, the brother of our bio-human Android As I said above, Android 17 over time has become the strongest bio-human in existence.

After seeing what Android 17 could do in The Tournament of Power it became extremely clear just how strong he had become. But, by the end of Dragon Ball Super 17 becomes a front runner among the list of characters I grew to appreciate. You can check out The Android 17 Workout Routine here. When Future Trunks entered during the Cell saga I remember being blown away as a kid. Trunks swings back for the Goku Black Saga, but we also need to remember that we have two different Trunks to consider. Young Trunks, in our main timeline, is actually extremely strong, and potentially on his way to being stronger than Future Trunks as time passes.

You can check out The Trunks Workout Routine here. The fact that Kale is coming in at ten when her power level is so insane really tells you something about how strong some of our other Dragon Ball characters are. Kale is essentially our female version of Broly, but from Universe 6 with Caulifla they even fuse to become Kefla and a bit behind on unlocking her power and potential compared to Broly although we kind of reset that with our newest Broly movie.

Where Broly is considered a Legendary Super Saiyan, Kale is actually known as a Berserker Super Saiyan; although, like Broly she still turns into a massive golden haired warrior! Also similar to Broly, she essentially loses mental control of herself in order to gain her massive power. You can check out The Kale Workout Routine here. Growing up I wanted Broly to our team of Saiyans so badly, so our most recent Broly movie from Dragon Ball Super really moved things in a direction that I have been waiting for for a long time. You can check out The Broly Workout Routine here.

That being said, Gohan still comes back into Dragon Ball Super showing off power that is well deserving of his spot on this list. He is by far the strongest half saiyan, half human character in the entire show, and likely has the potential to move up a few slots on this list if he really devoted himself to training like his father Goku. But, we can still admit that his fight against Cell may have been his most badass moment…! You can check out The Gohan Workout Routine here. With that he takes his other strengths and builds them around that ability to make him one of the strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball.

Hit can go toe to toe with Goku and Vegeta, even in the Super Saiyan Blue forms, which is why he definitely deserves this spot at seven on our list. You can check out The Hit Workout Routine here. Originally the big villain set out to end it all, Frieza eventually powers up enough to become Golden Frieza that puts him at peak strength. This is what we see Frieza in during Tournament of Powers as he is able to stand with the saiyans and take on he strongest characters in all of Dragon Ball.

You can check out The Frieza Workout Routine here. Toppo is all about justice and slaying evil, but he puts that aside when he is ambushed by Frieza and lets loose with his true power of a God of Destruction. You can check out The Toppo Workout Routine here. You had to know both Vegeta and Goku were coming in top five, but I think the order of our top five really swings things around due to our one and two slot AND considering we are working with honorable mentions.

You can check out The Vegeta Workout Routine here. That being said, similar to Vegeta, we also have a good handful of workouts inspired by Goku. One day Goku may be deserving of the top slot on this list, but for now this is how I personally see this one being placed in the most fair way.

You can check out The Goku Workout Routine here. Jiren is so strong that he pushed Goku to such limits that he had to achieve a new form just to stand a chance. Compared to any other mortal warrior, Jiren is without a doubt our strongest and most powerful character.

You can check out The Jiren Workout Routine here. You can check out The Beerus Workout Routine here. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragonball explicitly stated that Whis, the mentor and martial arts trainer of the God of destruction, Beerus is the most powerful character in the Dragonball. Whis knocked down Beerus cold with just a strike to his head. He also can make time go backward or forward 3 minutes.

As always, remember that all these routines should be paired with our Nutrition Pillars ; and you can even check out our article on The Top Diets Used Among Celebrities as well. If you want to step it up a notch on top of these workouts then you can also check out our Superhero Academy and Superhuman System as well. Unofficial Workouts Inspired by Characters.

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Caulifa dragon ball super wiki

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