Cfnm medical stories

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. I went in because I was having some burning when I urinated Now I was just in my briefs, with my jeans at my knees. In walks, and I am not kidding here She takes two steps in and closes the door and just stands there staring at me. My head was spinning I could not make sense of it. The only reason I guess they would do this was because of the male patient, female doctor scenario and this ensured there was nothing inappropriate being attempted by me.

She was very attractive, curvy and had long permed brown hair not my doctor, this secretary. At this point my penis starts to tickle and grow a bit in anticipation of this crazy new reality I am about to experience. My doctor was NOT attractive, but mature and orderly. She proceeds to take out a glass slide and holds it in front of my briefs. She says to me, 'Slide down your briefs My heart is RACING at that point and my face flush as I slowly pull my white underwear down in back, then in front to the base of my penis, then back to expose my ass in full to the secretary, then fully frontal exposed.

I am exactly at a 45 degree angle to this nice looking, fully clothed, office girl standing about 8 feet from me. She is simply staring at my now exposed penis, which is growing slightly. Meanwhile my doctor is trying to instruct me to get a sample of the fluid at the tip of my penis onto the slide. I'm thinking to myself that this is freakin' crazy So I am massaging my cock with my left hand, trying to push my seminal fluid onto this slide and I am keenly aware that I am being watched by this secretary I remember thinking 'look up into her eyes' almost daring myself to do it So she stood there as I manipulated my cock and squeezed a small amount of fluid onto the slide while my doctor continued to instruct me how to do it better and finally, apparently to her satisfaction, she took the slide from my hand..

I feel exposed and insanely vulnerable. The doctor takes the slide and swivels around to her desk. I stand there, pants down, hand now away from my cock, but it is sticking straight out with thicker excitement For like one minute..

The doctor simply babbles on about running tests with this and will probably get me on an antibiotic. My head is still buzzing from this experience of exposure, public nudity, and voyeurism. I drove home in a daze. Got home They've made me take off all my clothes except for my shoes. Completely naked with this extreme hardon from the memory of the doctor appointment and masturbating, I turn toward the secretary and shoot a crazy big intense load onto the patient room floor at her feet As you can see, I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this casual CFNM experience and it most certainly has steered me into this wonderfully erotic genre.

It's geared me toward female doctors only from that day forward. Copyright SMI-Help.

Cfnm medical stories

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Cfnm Medical Stories