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Lipoedema-sufferer Savannah Sullivan says her confidence was 'destroyed' by men rejecting her because her legs were 'too big'. But posting bikini snaps have helped her reclaim her body. A lipoedema-sufferer who admitted her confidence was 'destroyed' by men rejecting her because her legs were 'too big' says posting bikini snaps of herself have helped her reclaim her body. Savannah Sullivan, 22, always felt there was 'something wrong' with her and had the 'typical lipoedema shape', but from the age of 12 her limbs got 'bigger and bigger' and became painful.

The make-up artist from Bristol claims she developed a thick skin from bullies remarking she had 'cottage cheese legs' and 'bingo wings'. The sports management student, who's now a size on her lower half and on top, was eventually diagnosed with stage two lipoedema this March and said living with the condition is an 'emotional rollercoaster'.

Lipoedema is an abnormal build-up of fat in your legs and sometimes arms. It can be painful and affect people's daily life. Despite suffering from the condition, Savannah claims she's been empowered by posting photos and videos of her body online in a bid to help other women - and she's built up more than 73, followers and likes by doing so. Savannah, said: "Posting full-length pictures is kind of reclaiming my body - 'this is who I am, this is what I look like' and 'it's ok to look like this, everybody is different'.

Somedays I look in the mirror and love the way I look. I love my size, calves, bum and little belly or whatever, and other days it's like I want to turn the mirror around and never see my body again. She added: "I'm quite truthful with my posts.

The former competitive athlete said she 'tried every diet out there' and despite the amount of exercise she was doing couldn't lose weight. Savannah added: "It was never nice because during childhood my legs and arms were always bigger than other girls. It was rough, kids don't know [about the condition], you do get bullied, they always pick on the fat kid to put it quite bluntly. I guess in high school you just used to get called 'fat' and that was the worst thing ever. Savannah, who's originally from Antigua in the Caribbean, said she's experienced rejection from boys due to her body and has endured a 'constant commentary' from ex-partners about her size.

Savannah said: "It was like 'you're too big for me', 'your legs are way too big', 'I could never date a girl whose legs are bigger than mine'. Boys would say that as an excuse for not going out with me. I think that would help you' and it's like 'ahh, shut up'. It absolutely destroyed my confidence and that's definitely stuff I still dealt with up until I got with my recent partner who is very accepting, understands and has taken the time to learn with me about this condition.

Savannah was diagnosed with lipoedema earlier this year and said it arose a 'bunch of mixed emotions' but having that confirmation has helped with her body acceptance. She claims to have constant pain in her knees and she occasionally has lymphatic drainage massages and has also been put on a schedule for compression garments to help with her pain and swelling.

Savannah said: "There was a day recently where I had a complete meltdown because I saw myself in the mirror and put on a new pair of jeans and I was in so much pain and hated the way they looked and they wouldn't fit me properly. I work long hours and am on my feet all day using my legs which have this extra bulk to carry around, so by the end of the day I'm knackered. Simple things like brushing and blow-drying my hair, it just doesn't happen.

I'm still told 'oh, if you just eat a salad or go for a run, you'll lose some weight'. And it's like, no that's not really the point, this is actually a condition'. Savannah is hoping to have medical liposeuction next Easter which will involve a minimum of four surgeries to remove around six litres of diseased fat per procedure, and she'll lose an upwards of 40 pounds as a result. She said doing so will mean she'll be able to have 'some quality of life' and she's already gathering a bucket list of what clothes she'll be donning post-surgery - including knee-high boots and sleeveless tops.

Savannah said: "The biggest reason I started posting about it was because I went the best part of 21 years not knowing what was wrong with me, feeling like a complete outsider and constant shame. I'm not saying I'm a life-changer or mystical guru, but if I can help just one person, then that would be nice. The more we talk about it amongst ourselves and other people, the more it's raising awareness. Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Real Life. Yes, put some glamour in my life We use your -up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you.

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Chicks with big quads

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