Christina aguilera im playboy

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Weirdest tongue tattoos Weird. By: Tony Williams. Playboy is one of the world's top adult entertainment franchises. Hugh Hefner founded the magazine in Playboy was only a magazine at that time. Today, it is one of the top brands in the world having its presence in almost every domain. Playboy is mainly known for its magazines and the nude and semi-nude pictures of models and celebrities in the magazine's centerfolds. Marilyn Monroe was the first ever woman to pose naked for Playboy. Since then, numerous actresses and models have posed naked for the magazine.

Playboy pays a really big sum of money to celebrities, asking them to pose naked for the magazine. Most celebs have accepted the offer, but a few of them turned it down. Here are fifteen celebrities who turned down a Playboy offer! Christina has never posed naked for Playboy. She has never been naked, if you can call a few stamp sized bits of material not naked. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Related Content. Like us on facebook. Follow us on twitter.

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Christina aguilera im playboy

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15 Hottest Girls Who Turned Down Playboy Offer