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I had a small problem though, something which some of you may relate to. The wife and I had agreed that there would be no other men after a fiasco I may write about later, so any cream pies would be my own. However, because of the problem mentioned above, I would not want to follow through with sucking my cum out of her.

This greatly disappointed her, as the idea turns her on as well. So I was thinking one day on how to remedy the situation and still satisfy both of us. Other men making the deposit was not an option so I came up with the idea of using my own cum, but saved from a ejaculation. I found an airtight plastic jar, and for several days I jacked myself into it, then, after each time, placed it in the freezer to preserve freshness.

When I had a few lo saved up, I would warm it up, suck the juice into a syringe, and make the deposit into my wife before either of us had cum. I would start with her, licking and sucking, and she would have a great orgasm. Then I would allow myself to cum, and it would be over.

Both satisfied. So I got to thinking one day… I would really like to fill her up and see what it would be like. For over a month, I methodically emptied myself into a much larger jar, day after day. Most of the time, it was several times a day, until I had a whole pint saved up. Anyone who has tried to save any finds out quick that it takes some time.

Anyway, when my pint jar was filled to the brim, I started thinking about how I was going to make the deposit in good time, as the syringe was only 30 cc and it would take many fills to complete the transfer. This would surely tip her off to the fact that it was not the normal amount that we had done ly. It took some thought, but I figured the best way to do it would be to pump it in.

I went to the hardware store and found a bulb style, one-way pump similar to a ball pump that people use on the gas tanks of boats with outboards. I looked around for an applicator to put on the end of the tube, but finally decided that a douche nozzle would work the best — plus it fit perfectly on the tube coming out of the bulb.

At the next opportunity where she seemed receptive to the idea she goes in streaks — sometimes it turns her off , I would convince her that a blindfold would make it more exciting. She said OK. I told her to get naked on the bed, put the blindfold on and that I would be there shortly. I heated up the cum, making sure that it was hotter than it would normally be, but not scalding or anything. I walked to the bedroom and asked before entering if she had the blindfold on… she did. I pulled the bulb pump out, and I got down on my knees by the bed.

I told her to get on her knees, doggy style, and move to the edge of the bed. This position was important to the plan, because from past experience I learned that in any other comfortable position, the cum would leak out as fast as it went in. Well, doggy style anyway — air will fill her in this position to the point that when I thrust in, she is pressurized, and then the air shoots out around my cock as I bottom out.

So now she was blindfolded, doggy style, and at the edge of the bed with me looking straight into her pussy. I handed it to her and told her that I thought it would be pleasurable for her to hold it to herself while I was messing around. I then inserted the nozzle slowly into her pussy.

I told her to never mind and just enjoy the feeling. I started pumping — it took 12 squeezes of the bulb, and during the process I asked her what she was feeling. She said that she felt the warmth, she felt the inflation, and that it all felt really good. At the end of the pumping, when the suction hose of the bulb started sucking air, I tipped it up so that gravity would allow the remainder of the cum to enter her pussy during the last pump.

I shot a very small amount of air into her at the end just to make sure the hose was empty and that all the cum had gotten in. She jumped a little with that, but only because it was unexpected. There… the whole pint was inside her, and much to my amazement, plenty of room for more. I pulled the nozzle slowly out, and there was a dribble of cum that escaped from her pussy. Upon seeing that, I dove straight in and started licking and sucking her, careful not to bring her to orgasm just yet. When I had brought her close several times, I stood up and slid my cock inside her. Liquid heaven is all I can say.

I brought myself close a couple of times, and I kept her at the edge as well. Funny how when you are filled with lust, your mindset is totally different then when your not. I carefully pulled out, and upon seeing a huge gush of cum rush from her pussy, I went down on her again, licking the outside clean. I collected as much as I could on my tongue, and then slid it up to her asshole.

Using the cum as a lubricant, I slid my tongue in her ass another thing that is great when your horny — but seems bogus when your not. She enjoys anal sex, but only when she is in the right mood for it. She never tells me she wants it in her ass, so I have to use guesswork to figure out the right times. Luckily, this was one of those right times. I stood again, and placed my cock to her asshole, and slowly, carefully slid in to the hilt.

I let her get used to the feeling while I reached below and fondled her clit. I have to be real careful when doing this as she cums very quickly and easily when my cocks in her ass. As I said before, I had other plans for making her cum. I began a slow rhythmic thrusting movement in her ass, and had to stop myself several time to keep from cumming. I looked down and watched my cock slip into and out of her ass, and thought what a wonderful sight it was. But it was time for more pussy, so I slipped my cock out of her ass, moved down a little and slid right up into her hot juicy pussy again.

Just relax and enjoy! Knock on wood! Go figure. It was time to bring this session to a close. I knew that she was losing some of the cum from my repeated withdrawals, so this looked like the best time to complete my plan. I told her to just hold still while I repositioned myself. I got up on the bed, laid down on my back with my head towards her ass in almost a 69 position. I wiggled myself beneath her until my head was under her pussy, then I told her to sit down on my face.

It was time to make her cum. It filled my mouth, and my nose, and was running down my face and neck. I sputtered a little, but then it stopped and I was fine. Apparently just the act of her movement caused a momentary rush of cum to leave her pussy. The rest stayed inside. I went to town then, licking and sucking on her for all I was worth. It was quite exciting. In just a few minutes, I knew she was getting close.

She started grinding her pussy into my face and her breath was quickening. Then she was there and it happened. As she started a very powerful orgasm, cum gushed from her pussy in time with her orgasmic contractions. Again I was unable to breathe, but I rode it out — I just kept sucking and licking and swallowing until she was done. It was really cool!

As her orgasm subsided, the gushes ebbed, but there was still more in there. I asked her to go ahead and push the rest out for me. I was amazed at the quantity, even though I had seen exactly how much was pumped in. It just kept flowing as she pushed and I continued my sucking and swallowing until at last, she would push and only a few drops and bubbles of air were coming out.

My turn to cum! Afterward, we talked about it and she said it was an incredible feeling. Being pumped full of cum like that really turned her on, and she also said that the feeling of the cum shooting out during her orgasm was something she had never experienced before. She really liked it and thought it was probably the closest thing to ejaculating like a man that she could ever experience. You must be logged in to post a comment. This problem is what led me to try something new. With the application method taken care of, I started making plans of when and how.

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Cum filled wife stories

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