Deformed breasts pictures

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While almost every woman and man may have some differences in the size of their natural breasts, people with tubular breasts may experience more ificant differences. Sometimes the condition causes one breast to be misshapen, while other times, both breasts are affected. According to one study published in Current Concepts in Plastic Surgery , many women visit their doctors for breast asymmetry that is actually due to tubular breasts. In some instances, the disorder can cause a person ificant anxiety and stress.

Treatments are available to correct tubular breasts, and the approach depends on what shape the breasts are. Breasts can come in all shapes and sizes, which is usually determined at the time of puberty. Tubular breasts can be any size and have some general characteristics in common. These include:. Some doctors classify tubular breasts into three category types based on multiple features observed, such as in the example below.

Other doctors may choose to use a different classification system for categorizing tubular breasts. The von Heimburg classification has four that look at specific breast features, including the degree of deficiency of breast glandular volume, the skin in the breast below the areola, and how constricted the breast base is.

If a person desires surgery to correct their breast s , a doctor will use one of the classification systems to identify which type of tubular breast a person has. This will help them determine the best surgical treatment approach. Doctors Rees and Aston first described tubular breasts in , but researchers still do not know precisely what causes the condition. Currently, doctors have not confirmed a genetic link between tubular breasts. However, a study published in the Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery , suggested a genetic link when tuberous breasts were identified in twin brothers.

The same article suggests that tubular breasts are caused by an excess of collagen in the fascia and the other connective tissue components inside the breast. Doctors do not typically associate tubular breasts with any other breast problems. People who have one or two abnormally-shaped breasts can develop great anxiety in their friendships and romantic relationships.

A person may feel uncomfortable in their clothes and may fear that others will find out they have tubular breasts. Since , when tubular breasts were first described, doctors have developed and improved surgical techniques to improve tubular breasts.

However, approaches are available that can temporarily or permanently correct the appearance of tubular breasts. For example, a woman may choose to wear extra padding or inserts in her bra to make her breasts appear more symmetrical. For a more permanent solution, plastic surgeons can perform procedures to correct the tubular appearance of the breasts. Doctors can take a of approaches to corrective surgery. One such surgical technique includes:. However, if someone has breasts that differ ificantly from each other, a doctor may recommend a two-step procedure.

In the first procedure, the surgeon will place a tissue expander in the chest; the second procedure involves fitting the implants. Any person considering surgery must be aware of the risks involved. Risks from the procedure include bleeding, scarring, infection, and risk of further deformities. For some people, tubular breasts can be a source of anxiety and mental discomfort.

Although tubular breasts are not harmful from a physical health standpoint, an individual may desire surgery to make their breasts appear more symmetrical. Breast lumps are swellings or bulges in the breast. Some may be cancerous, but many are harmless and may be related to hormonal fluctuations or other…. Nipple pain is a common occurrence in menstruating, pregnant, or breast-feeding women. In this article, learn about the common causes and how to treat….

Breast pain, or mastalgia, is very common. It has many possible causes and is rarely due to cancer. Learn about 11 possible causes of breast pain here. What you should know about tubular breasts. Medically reviewed by Stacy Sampson, D. Definition of tubular breasts Symptoms of tubular breasts What are the causes of tubular breasts? Risk factors Treatments Takeaway While almost every woman and man may have some differences in the size of their natural breasts, people with tubular breasts may experience more ificant differences.

Definition of tubular breasts. Share on Pinterest Tubular breasts may cause stress and anxiety for women. Symptoms of tubular breasts. What are the causes of tubular breasts? Share on Pinterest Some studies suggest that tubular breasts may be passed on genetically.

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Deformed breasts pictures

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