Diaper ball z

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I, being the lucky girl that I am, got to review yet another amazing AIO diaper , and since I am on a definite AIO kick with my cloth diapering style these days, it was truly a treat. Needless to say, the fun and unique prints are the immediate stand out feature of these diapers. However, the prints are not the only amazing thing about them. The Nerdy Mommas diaper even passed the night time test for my one year old.

She is no longer the super duper heavy wetter she once was, but she still needs that extra night time protection and Nerdy Mommas gave it to us with no leaks. Now that you know the main points of why I love the Nerdy Mommas AIO, let me break down some of its best features for you: Sturdy, snapping closures: Snaps vs Velcro is really just a matter of preference. Nerdy Mamas uses snaps which means that my one year old is less likely to remove her diaper and should I ever have more babies in cloth diapers one day, this diaper is more likely to still be in one, quality piece for use on a second baby.

Soft, natural absorbency. The bamboo and cotton, semi attached tongues of absorbency on these diapers are soft, very functional, gentle, and very, very absorbent. Leak protection: The home run combination of great absorbency, quality PUL, great construction, leg gussets, and functional de means that this diaper offers amazing leak protection. I found that this diaper fit both my 3. I always seemed to have three piles of diapers, his, hers, and both. Do I recommend this diaper? Absolutely and with no reservations! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

FunctionMeetsFandom However, the prints are not the only amazing thing about them. These prints are for nerds only. Share Sponsor Love.

Diaper ball z

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Diaper Ball Z By Wreathen - Cartoon