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To the outside world, Tom and Margaret Watson were a pretty conventional couple. Both in their forties, Tom owned and ran Pinpoint Positioning, a small electronics firm which specialised in deing and building custom GPS-based devices for the military. His firm made enough money that Margaret didn't have to work. Instead, she ran the house, their personal affairs and was a very active social networker.

She also held the prestigious position of president of the local golf club. Behind the scenes, however, their relationship was less conventional. From her youngest days, Margaret had always been a bossy girl. She was the eldest of three sisters and would regularly have her younger siblings running around for her. When puberty arrived, she realised that she had something that all the boys wanted and that she could use this to boss them around too.

She quickly became skilled at manipulating the boys at her school, encouraging their expectations while always finding some excuse to avoid delivering. When she met Tom, she knew that here was the man that she wanted and she set about capturing him. Not that Tom was averse to being captured - especially by a woman as stunning as Margaret. Without her advances, he may never have lost his virginity. Although Tom was the breadwinner, Margaret undoubtedly wore the trousers. Initially, this was just reflected in their domestic situation, but as time wore on, Margaret asserted herself in more and more areas of their life.

She had a voracious sexual appetite and the confidence to demand what she wanted. Tom was comfortable with this state of affairs and happy to please Margaret in whatever way he was asked. In her social contacts, Margaret always had more of an affinity with other dominant women. A few of them began to meet regularly for coffee.

On one of these occasions one of them joked that as they all were interested in keeping their husbands in their place, they should perhaps start a club. Margaret said she thought that was an excellent idea and so was born the Dominant Wives Club. As word spread, the club expanded until it had more than a dozen members. Generally the women would just meet in small groups but once a year, they all came together for the DWC annual dinner.

As the wives spent more time in each other's company, the husbands began to get to know each other too. Eventually the men went to the women to ask permission to create their own sub-group of the DWC. The wives gave their permission to create the Submissive Husbands Branch, as it was called, on condition that all SHB activities were discussed and approved by the DWC. Approval was sought for an SHB dinner to coincide with the annual DWC dinner and this was given with the proviso that it was a sober and dignified affair. Everything ran smoothly until one year when the SHB dinner was organised by Simon, a rich young member who had only recently ed.

He claimed to have a friend who ran a country club and said that he could organise "an evening to remember". When the members of the SHB turned up on the Saturday afternoon, they discovered that the agenda went far beyond the restrained events of years. Tom felt that the arrangements were totally inappropriate but sensed that he was alone in his feelings. Not wanting to be a party-pooper he went along with what had been arranged. It began in the afternoon with a game of paintball.

After running around a forest shooting one another for a couple of hours, the men retired to the bar for pre-dinner drinks. This was followed by a large meal during which they were plied with copious amounts of alcohol. Well-lubricated, the men went on to enjoy the after-dinner entertainment which started with strippers and progressed to lap-dancers. Since this was a private club and the girls had obviously been paid very well, they went considerably further than was normal for their profession. Two of them picked on Jeremy, the youngest of the husbands, and gave him the full treatment.

With his inhibitions suppressed by the alcohol, he found himself being divested of his clothes by these two very attractive young women. Once they had him naked, they laid him down on the floor and one of the girls kept him busy by straddling his face while the other deep-throated him.

By the time he realised that things had gone too far, he was unable to do anything about it. The first girl was moaning and squealing while grinding her well-lubricated pussy over his face. The second girl's head bobbed up and down as she worked his cock relentlessly. Unable to control himself any longer, the young man arched his back and came copiously into the girl's mouth. The rest of the audience, who had ly been clapping and cheering, encouraging the young women on, now went suddenly quiet as they realised what had happened.

The silence was broken as Tom raised himself out of his chair and stated "Gentlemen, I think it's time we went home". As they filed out of the club towards their waiting taxis, Simon, the organiser, was running back and forth between all the men urging them to keep quiet about what had happened. As he journeyed home, Tom contemplated his uncomfortable dilemma.

He knew that he should reveal to Margaret exactly what had happened. He would be in big trouble for sure but at least he couldn't be accused of hiding the truth. But Margaret would undoubtedly spill the beans to the rest of the wives and that really would cause problems.

Yet if he said nothing, he would be guilty of conspiring to deceive. In the end, though he felt guilty as hell about doing it, he decided to keep mum as the stakes were just too high for him to do anything else. As it turned out, he made the wrong decision. On returning home, one of the other younger husbands, talkative from all the drink, couldn't stop himself from bragging to his wife about what a wonderful time they had had.

Of course, he had no intention of revealing the true extent of what had happened but what he did say made his wife very suspicious and she knew that there was far more to the story than she was being told. She played him as well as he could, encouraging him to keep talking, but pretty soon he wised up to what was happening and clammed up altogether.

Early the next morning, while her husband was still in bed nursing his hangover, the young woman phoned Margaret and gave her a full run down on what she had discovered. Margaret took control of the situation and suggested that the two of them phone the remaining members of the DWC, brief them on the information gained so far and give instructions to interrogate the men and pressurise them into revealing the truth about what had happened the evening.

In addition, Margaret convened an emergency lunchtime meeting of the DWC at a local restaurant. Attendance was mandatory and no excuses would be tolerated. Margaret had just finished calling the half-dozen members on her list when she heard Tom get out of bed and head for the shower. She cut him off as he was about to walk through the bathroom door. He took one look at her face and knew that there was trouble. Tom looked at her. Margaret was a well-built woman, tall, shapely and with a commanding presence.

She stood there with her hands on her hips and her eyebrows raised in a questioning manner. There was no hint of a smile on her face. If you had something to say, you could have told me last night. I was still awake when you came in. Her face, stern to begin with, now grew ever darker as the storm clouds gathered. Tom knew the game was up. The only thing he could do was give a thoroughly detailed of everything that had occurred on the day.

Margaret remained completely silent and her face remained icy cold during Tom's long and rambling monologue. When he finished, Margaret addressed him very calmly but with a cold, steely look in her eyes. The only redeeming factor that I can see at the moment is that you have made a full and frank confession. But don't think that that will be worth very much when weighed against your appalling behaviour.

Now I was intending to clean the house today but because of all this, I am going to be very busy for the next few hours, so if you know what's good for you, you'll get your arse through that shower and start working on the house as if your life depended on it. If the whole place is not sparkling clean by the time I get back, you will regret the day you were born.

Then she turned around and walked out, slamming the front door behind her. Tom did know what was good for him so quickly showered then got going on the housework. Margaret had arranged a private room at the restaurant. Once all the wives from the DWC were present, she called the meeting to order.

She then proceeded to repeat all of the details given to her by Tom. She noticed a of shocked faces around the table. Clearly some of the wives had had nowhere near as much success interrogating their husbands as had Margaret. A few of the women filled in some minor details but there was nothing more of consequence to be revealed.

She was relieved that Tom, after initially failing to keep her informed, at least had the good sense not to try and hide anything. It turned out that the women who knew the least were the wives of Simon, the man who had organised the day, and Jeremy, the man who had let himself be seduced by the whores. Upon learning of their husbands' actions, these women's faces were bright red, not only out of anger at their husbands' behaviour but also out of humiliation in front of their peers. In my opinion, all our husbands are equally guilty since any one of them could have stopped the proceedings if they had wanted to.

And none of us should feel more humiliated than anyone else. This was a crime against all of us and we all should feel the shame. What we need to do is to stand shoulder to shoulder like the sisters that we are and come up with a suitable response.

Our husbands committed this affront as a group and they should be punished as a group. Margaret was applauded for this rousing address and there were a few cheers and a shout of "Yeah, let's teach them a lesson". Now does anyone have a more sensible suggestion?

The meeting ran on for more than two hours. Numerous suggestions were debated until consensus was achieved around a single idea. A vote was taken and the proposal was accepted unanimously. Margaret knew that the bulk of the work would fall on her but she was happy to provide her time and resources. We're all agreed. You know what you have to do today and I will start to make arrangements for later. Now there's one last thing I want to stress. The secrecy of our plan is vital.

We know from bitter experience that our husbands are unable to keep their mouths shut and I'm sure that we want to show them that we can do a better job. Our plan will be so much more effective if our men are kept in the dark.

I'm confident that I can rely on all of you to play your parts well and resist the temptation to reveal more than agreed. So let's get to it, girls. We've got work to do. As Margaret drove home, she contemplated the plan that had been agreed at the meeting.

Dominate wives stories

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