Dragon ball z diaper bag

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Answer: He plays video games, or he studies for tests, or even reading. He loves me, but he won't let me get a Gohan tattoo. I want one so bad!! Popo, do you know if there are diapers anywhere? Popo came walking out with a new diaper pack in one hand. Gohan got up from the ground, and grabbed the bag from Mr.

Gohan sat back down and tore open the diaper pack. Popo said as Gohan stuffed a few diapers in the bag. Popo," Gohan said zippering up the diaper bag. We'll probably eat out. Gohan took the sleeping Pan out of Piccolo's arms, and carefully placed her in her carrier. He smiled at his little girl, and pulled the carrier hood over her head. Then she started to cry because she was fat, and that she'll never fit into her jeans again. Then she sat on her knees wailing that our baby was going to be fat just like her.

I offered to buy her ice cream to cheer her up. She ran off screaming about how I think she's ugly, and how I'll leave her and the baby. Ten seconds later she came back saying sorry, and she'll never over react again. He sat down in front of the tree, crossed his legs, and closed his eyes. That's improvement. Videl began to tap her foot. She drove for It couldn't be anywhere close to Satan City, and it couldn't be anywhere near Gohan's house.

Well Gohan's house was three hundred miles away, so driving over a hundred miles was better than three hundred. But he was late. They were meeting in a city called Walletstown. She never been there before, and neither has Gohan. All Videl knew what that it had a mall, and thousand of shopping places. She wanted to do some shopping herself…but he was late.

It was chilly outside, and all Videl had on was a sweater and a pair of jeans. Her father told her to wear a jacket, but did she listen? Videl looked around and saw people bundled up for the cool air. She had to wait outside so Gohan could see her, but so far she hasn't seen him or Pan.

Videl turned around and saw Gohan on the street yelling at a car in front of him. The driver yelled back, and drove off when Gohan made it fully across the street. He had Pan in one hand, a diaper bag on his shoulder, and a cup of something in his free hand.

He hand Videl the cup in his hand. I figured I get you hot coca since I'm late. Then I realized that the blanket was going to keep her body warm, but her head needs to be covered. So I had to run back home, grab a hat, and started to leave again. Well during our travel, Pan decided to take off the hat and throw it every five minutes. Every five minutes I had to grab a hat, and somehow while picking up her hat she lost her shoe, and I had to go back and find her shoe. I found my keys, and I have no idea they were missing in the first place, but no shoes.

So we travel with one shoe on her foot and with no hat, and then I had to do a diaper change at some fast food place. During the whole changing process she wanted to wear her hat, but the diaper was off and changing a diaper and trying to put on a hat was a pain and I left a huge mess in the bathroom. I looked at my watch and noticed that I was running late so I grabbed you some coco as an apology for being late.

Videl walked over to the carrier in Gohan's hand. She lifted up the blanket and saw a very happy Pan. The little baby was full of smiles and laughs. She remembered Videl. Videl picked up Pan from out of the carrier and laughed. Gohan, who was trying to find which capsule he put the stroller in, noticed what Videl was laughing at. Little Pan was wearing a blue baby sweater with an Eeyore de on the top right corner.

She was wearing a sock on one foot, while the other foot had a shoe but no sock. Thus her Elmo diaper being shown for the whole world to see. Found it! Gohan pulled out a capsule out of the diaper bag. He pressed the button on top and dropped it on the ground. Smoked appeared, and once it cleared Gohan realized that he had the wrong capsule. People began to gather as they saw the stack of coloring books, action figures, and Play-Doh piled on the sidewalk.

Gohan looked at the pile puzzled. Videl started to laugh. Goten smiled as he had his capsule of arts and crafts. Boy, did he love to color and make clay dinosaurs. He pressed the button on the capsule, and to his surprise it wasn't his coloring books, action figures, or his Play-Doh. Instead it was a playpen with baby toys and a rattle inside. Goten's lower lip began to stick out, and a whine came from his open mouth. Lucky for Gohan, the store had a baby department so he could get his kid shoes, socks, and pants.

People started to stare as they saw a baby in a stroller with no pants on…especially when it's cold outside. Pan was in the stroller drinking milk from the bottle. Gohan was thrilled beyond relief when Pan learned how to hold her own bottle. It made shopping a lot easier since he can have both arms to shop, instead of having one arm holding Pan while the other fed her a bottle. Gohan started looking at baby clothes while Videl paid attention to Pan.

You could hear the little baby laugh in the whole department store. That put a smile on Gohan's face. I guess I'll have to buy a whole new outfit for her to wear. Gohan continued to pick out clothes, completely ignoring Videl's question. He stacked the clothes on his arm, and had a few pairs of shoes in his hands.

Videl looked down at Pan, whose little head was turned towards her father. She made a baby moan, and began to gnaw on Videl's finger. She stood up and walked towards the handles. She then started to follow Gohan through the department as he picked up clothes.

She's up a size, but sometimes the sizes are too big. Shopping for baby clothes is a pain in the butt! They were mostly long sleeved shirts, and elastic pants. Videl walked into the dressing room while Gohan waited outside. He folded his arms and leaned up against the wall. The little girl picked it up and ran it over to her mother. I have a Mommy and a Daddy and a brother, but kitty doesn't have a mommy or daddy. I can be her mommy! The child cheered, and the two walked by Gohan. Gohan watched as the two walked by, and lowered his head.

He noticed that all the people in the baby department were in pairs. Parents shopping with kids, mom's and dad's shopping for children's clothes laughing and having a good time, Videl's voice echoing throughout the store because Pan won't stay still…. No it took me forever to put them…" Gohan blinked. Well, I know for a fact the all babies are ticklish!

The lady in front of the fitting room allowed Gohan to go in. He saw a pair of pants fly out of the fitting room, and knew immediately where Videl and Pan were. He opened the door and saw baby clothes all over the place, and Pan in only a diaper lying on a bench in the fitting room. Some of Videl's hair was sticking out all over the place. Pan's eyes went wide as Gohan dangled the cereal in front of her face.

Dragon ball z diaper bag

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