Draya before plastic surgery

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Thanks to a combination of reality TV and social media, the wives of athletes are a huge part of pop culture these days. And because so many sportsmen lock down their spouses at a relatively early age for celebrities, at least , it can be interesting to watch how these ladies augment their appearances when they hit the public eye. Many of them are so down to disclose their nips and tucks, they invite their production crews into the operating room with them.

Others prefer to reveal their surgeries in serious sit-down interviews. And some don't ever admit they've had work done — no matter how obvious it may seem. Of the following 14 athletes' wives, some have opened up about their treatments while others have stayed mum. But one thing's for sure: they've all had some stunning transformations.

Once upon a time, the only athlete's wife who got substantial news coverage was Marilyn Monroe when she wed Joe DiMaggio — and that was because of her status as a screen icon, not due to being the spouse of a baseball great. David Beckham's wife and her crew easily overshadowed the actual sports action by partying, shopping, and looking awesome.

The press even coined a term for the clique: WAGs, or "wives and girlfriends. The ample assets helped her become an icon of that era's aesthetic, but she would grow to regret going under the knife. In , Beckham told Allure that she'd removed her implants, coyly looking at an old picture of herself and remarking, "I think I may have purchased them.

Beckham also alluded to her breast implants in a letter to her teenage self, published by British Vogue. A of insecurity. Just celebrate what you've got. Larsa Pippen has been in the public eye ever since she married Chicago Bulls basketball legend Scottie Pippen in They separated in , but over the course of their marriage, Larsa became famous in her own right. She appeared on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" as a friend of Kim Kardashian West over the years although their relationship has since soured.

She even did a stint on the short-lived "The Real Housewives of Miami" and is slated to return when the series makes its comeback. As her fame has grown over the years, fans couldn't help but notice her appearance changing, too. This led fans to speculate that Pippen indulged in a few nips and tucks like her friends in Calabasas. While she hasn't confirmed or denied rumors of major surgery, she did endorse a procedure called UltraShape. Pippen commented for the blog of Chicago's Michael Horn Cosmetic Surgery Center , "I eat well and exercise regularly, but there are certain areas that are resistant to all my efforts.

With UltraShape, the inches are disappearing. What is this procedure, anyway? Horn himself. Not your typical ladies' bonding activity, but hey, whatever works! Fans have speculated that Anthony has gone under the knife, with one tweeting , "Lala Anthony unrecognizable af but she got the surgery result Khloe K wishes for. Whether or not Anthony's made tweaks, she's doing her part to educate people about the dangers of elective surgery. Fans still weren't sure what to make of Anthony's own shifting silhouette, with one commenting , "Is she confirming she had work done or strictly narrating [the documentary]?

Known for allegedly traveling with her own tanning consultant back in the s, per Varsity , it's no surprise that the British public is constantly keeping an eye on her style and aesthetic. American audiences, meanwhile, may know her as "WAGatha Christie" thanks to her involvement in an elaborate social media sting operation that exposed fellow football wife Rebekah Vardy for allegedly leaking stories about her to the press.

Vardy probably isn't speaking to the tabs about Rooney anymore after their protracted legal battle stemming from the WAGatha case. Fellow British WAG Dawn Ward threw her fans for a loop when she posted a seemingly innocuous photo of herself enjoying a Sunday roast with her football star husband, Ashley Ward, in March One follower commented, "it doesn't look like her at all," per Closer , and another even speculated, "She was in Istanbul a few months ago I saw, I think she had something done there.

Ward didn't confirm or deny that she'd had a post-lockdown tune-up. But in the past, she's been very open about the work she's had done. She granted The Sun access to before-and-after pics from a facelift and quipped that she "isn't one to age gracefully. She also once revealed she'd had an eyelift, speaking to the Daily Mail about the procedure, and revealed her "bum lift" on Instagram. It's safe to say Ward is one of the most open plastic surgery fans of all time. That marriage didn't last, but Kardashian has been spotted with a smattering of ballers since then, most recently her on-again-off-again beau and baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

But the one thing that fluctuates more than Kardashian's relationship status is her look. And speculation about her ever-changing bod reached a fever pitch in April when an unapproved bikini photo made its way to the internet. Kardashian's team issued copyright claims to prevent publications from posting the pic. Fans were dismayed and continue not to know whether Kardashian's changing image is due to plastic surgery or heavy photo editing. Kardashian commented on the controversy on Instagram Live, saying she's had body issues from a young age. She also seemingly defended editing her pics, saying, "How I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice" via People.

Later in the year, she did tell Andy Cohen she's had a nose job and " injections ," but continues to insist her growing booty is due to exercise alone. Vardy shot to fame or infamy But she was a reasonably well-known WAG in the U. To her credit, Vardy has been open about her two breast surgeries. She indulged in a pair of E cups in , according to The Sun , as a corrective surgery when one of her implants ruptured.

She's also open about her love of Botox anti-wrinkle injections. She told Mirror Online she'd had "lo" of the stuff: "I go in the sun and I've hardly got any wrinkles. It's not nature, it's Botox. So open, in fact, that she described how a botched boob job left her breast turning black, according to The Sun. I didn't want to get my boob out in front of my husband. She also cops to having gone too far with fillers, saying her doctor had to stage an intervention. I had to have it all dissolved! Still, neither of these incidents dampened her love of plastic surgery.

She invited "Real Housewives of Cheshire" cameras into the operating room when she underwent vaginal rejuvenation. The clinic where she'd had the procedure posted the clip on their website — and the U. Despite this, Bardsley will likely continue to boldly go where few plastic surgery aficionados have gone before.

Ayesha Curry is known as one half of the NBA's most wholesome couple. She and her husband, Stephen Curry, met at church, after all. Her image is so squeaky clean, people have written essays imploring men to stop holding her up as the standard for all women while simultaneously throwing celebs like Kim Kardashian under the bus. She went for a breast lift while suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter Ryan, she told Working Mother. They're worse now than they were before. She added that she won't be going under the knife again any time soon. Getting a divorce seems stressful enough without your ex disclosing the amount you've spent on plastic surgery.

But that's exactly what happened to Kenya Bell, a former star of "Basketball Wives. He shot back with an itemized list of stuff he thought she'd overspent on. It's unclear whether this was accurate, but it took another seven years for them to finalize their divorce, according to M Live. Bell keeps a low profile now. Even her Instagram is private. But she did welcome twins in with her new husband, per E! The lucky guy's name also isn't publicly known. That should keep secrets about their marriage from leaking to TMZ! When it comes to athletes' wives and their openness about plastic surgery, we're sensing a trend: the ones who appear on reality shows are much more willing to talk about what they've had done.

Williams told Us Weekly that she'd had Botox and regretted it. She also admitted to having her breasts done. During a round table with Glamour magazine , when asked what most "Real Housewives" stars had had done, Williams quipped, "Everything, we're plastic. I mean, I had a big check from Bravo. Perhaps the most common but least talked about procedure in the celebrity world is the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL.

Ample behinds have become more and more popular in the past few decades, but most stars don't admit that they're enhancing what nature gave them. She posted an entire vlog about her BBL procedure, per Bossip , and she was even open about the fact that the pain made her cry. Duffey, who's engaged to NBA player-turned-agent Iman Shokuohizadeh, explained why she's so open about such procedures in Tami Roman Youngblood of "Basketball Wives" helped her doctor out with a little publicity following a laser liposuction procedure.

She invited the show's cameras to capture her SmartLipo experience, and her doctor seized on the moment with a press release trumpeting her love of the treatment in Roman, who's married to former NFL player Reggie Youngblood, also tries to stay slim for health reasons because she's diabetic.

After ificant weight loss in , she was subject to trolling. She clapped back by posting on Instagram , "I didn't lose weight, I lost my willingness to die. While she chalked her more recent weight loss up to dieting, she hasn't ruled out more procedures. Roman once tweeted , "Chiillee if I could afford more plastic surgery I wouldn't touch my face — but damn if I wouldn't get my thighs another smartlipo. Former "Basketball Wives" star Draya Michele was subjected to plastic surgery rumors after a video of her body went viral in Fans couldn't stop speculating about her perfect hourglass figure, according to Bossip.

Michele soon had enough and tweeted a statement in response to all of the rumors. Let's test your theory, sis. Has La La Anthony made some tweaks? Dawn Ward Instagram. Tami Roman Youngblood Frederick M.

Draya before plastic surgery

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Stunning Plastic Surgery Transformations From Athletes' Wives