Embarrasing nude moments

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Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Questions. The most embarrassing thing i ever had to do was have a scan for testicular cancer after i found a small lump. After a month of seeing and hearing the word cancer everywhere i decided to get it checked out. My doctor who happened to be a young pretty female[:I] sent me to the hospital, where i had to go into a small ultra scan room with 3 young nurses. I had to strip off and lie down on a bed and have a ultrasound done which included jelly stuff being smeared over my testicles.

It was so embarrassing why did the nurses have to be pretty and to make matters worse they turned the lights down and put a spotlight on my things while they were doing the scan. And my wife didn't help with my embarrassment as she thought it would be funny to joke with the nurse who led me out of the room by asking her if they had to unpack the scanning electron microscope or not [:I] Thankfully nothing was found and it was sort of worth it as it removed all my worry.

Carolyn Naked Science Forum King! Sorry Michael, it's far too embarrassing to say. Hadrian Naked Science Forum King! I have played a lot of different sport over the years. Squash is one I got in a big way for several years. One sunny warm spring morning I returned to my house after playing squash to find my wife in the garden doing some weeding. We lived in a small housing estate at the time and the houses were all close to one another. I discovered that my shower gel had opened in my sports bag, so a set about cleaning it. It was one of the calm days were you can hear a pin drop.

You could here the clippers clipping and people cutting their grass. Just as I got to the end of my bag found a pool of gel and several old squash balls. I duly set about washing them and then dried them with a clean towel. What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

Trying to use a bed pan whilst in traction [V], the second passing out the first time i got out of bed, in the loo [! Ray hinton Sr. OK, here's ONE of my most embarrassing moments. There are so many. This happened one lazy Saturday afternoon when we were newlyweds. I was just getting out of the shower when someone knocked on the door. My hubby left the bedroom to answer it, but he didn't close the bedroom door very well. I walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom when I saw my hubby talking to someone. The visitors back was to the bedroom, so I made a mad dash to get the door closed before he could see me.

Our door was broken, so it didn't provide much protection from prying eyes. I backed up against the wall to catch my breath and figure out how to get dressed without being seen. When I heard yelling and whistling I realized I wasn't up against the wall at all. I was in front of the window. When I turned around I saw my landlord, my father-in-law, and several construction workers. I wanted to die. I've been married almost 20 years and I still blush when I see my father in law.

LOL your poor father in law, i can imagine his embarrassment Michael. I'm always doing embarrassing things. I was wearing a skirt with tights, and as I ran the skirt sort of pulled on the tights and fell down, except I didn't notice until it had cleared my bum! I'm not telling you any more! I was wearing a stretchy shirt to work one day, and when I stretched up to get something from a high shelf all the buttons popped open!

Dear Lindsay, Please continue to report you skirt orientated moments. Thank You. Men are the same as women, just inside out! I've given up wearing skirts for the time-being! One of mine was it was a nice summer day and both my girlfriend and I was fine wearing size 9, so we could wear 2 piece bikinis in the middle of the beach area we decided to play frisbe I threw the frisbe and my ta tas came out of string top and there were many whistles I reddened so deeply I couldn't bear to stay on the beach much longer after that.

Mirage Naked Science Forum King! Too many to list really. A quick one was while on a heavy night out with mates I got horrendously drunk and started chatting to this red chief Indian statue. I then proceeded to introduce anyone that walked pass to Chiefy as I affectionately named him.

But we did have a rather long but great spiritual debate [ ] Other stories involve stripping Some days it's not even worth knawing at the straps. Karen W. Well I would say one of my most embarrassing stories was being in labor or fixing to be in labor with my middle child! He had us come for tests which we did. Baby was in serious trouble was way too big and was not doing well. There was not much left of the plecenta as it had gone to the baby when the nutrition I was eating was not enough to sustain him.

Anyway emergency room checked us in sent me to birthing room where they gave me potossin for the third time in 4 days. Could not do C section as I had heart complications. Anyway they said heres your gown, go ahead and change and we will get started. I changed removed the bra and was quite comfortable. They came in and explained that they were going to insert jell. I asked if it hurt, he said nope. It will start your dialation though! Hmmm I thought. They did the duty told me it would take several hours, they brought hubby a lounge to spend the night and then they said here we go, put a strap across my houlder area and turned the bed upside down!

Now that doesnt sound bad to some, but I am avery big breasted girl and when that bed flipped back, both of my breasts came flying down through the neck of gown smacking me in the face!! I immediately moved my hands to the rescue as I was going to be smothered if I did not. Told us to try to get some sleep. I did this holding pattern for ever I was mortified and at midnight I had had enough tryng to wrangle those puppies and Finally after dozing had awakend suddenly as the wholre building was shaking.

We were having an earthquake and I was up on the third floor upside down boobs in face and to top it off my water broke, must have been alot of water as even being upside down, water was running everywhere up my gown down into my face between myboobs and I was beside myself, I told my hubby to get my bra and help me get out of the bed, Nurse ran in and saw the position I was in as my breasts were now freely hanging in my face as I was holdin g the bed because of the earthquake!

I was so embarrassed I wanted to die!!! I could hardly breath labor had begun I was upside down with myboobs in my own face not hubbies!! It was horrible I really wante d a breast reduction after that!!!!! Yeah like maybe I could breath!!

Needless to say problem solved with the good old playtex cross your heart bra to the rescue. John boy was sick for 1 year from meconim problems as he had many many stools before his birth and had aspirated some into his lungs and had quite the infections.

He is fine now, but was a very expensive little baby after all the work to keep him going.!!! Sorry to those who already heard this story!! Let me share this with you; I organised a love feast for my friends last december, a day prior to the d-day i walked into a mart to organise some stuffs believing that my card is adequately credited. My cell phone was confiscated, what an embarrasment lets keep trying the untried since the birth of science innovations have been like toy but their impacts have rocked the world.

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Embarrasing nude moments

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