Emily osment belly

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Emily Osment and Olivia Holt walked down the street as their stomachs moaned trying to digest their meal "Hey, Olivia", Emily said "Yeah", Olivia replied "You know how you ate the devil, does that now make you the devil? The cute, sweet, brunette Miley" Just then, a car pulled up alongside Emily and Olivia. The window rolled down to reveal Miley. Miley's stomach growled. Miley took the girls back to Disney studios "What are we doing back here? Olivia snuck into Raven's room and hid. Eventually, Raven entered the room and didn't notice Olivia.

Olivia waited for the right moment, but her stomach impatiently growled hungrily. Raven turned around and saw Olivia. She then jumped onto Raven and swallowed her whole. Olivia struggled with Raven because she was so fat, but Olivia eventually managed to down the large girl.

Olivia's huge stomach gurgled and rumbled loudly, as it hadn't had a feed like this since the party. Olivia then exited the building nd waited outside for the others. Emily attempted a different approached. Instead of hide in the room, she would go into Erica's room after she went in. And so, she did. Once Erica went into her room, Emily knocked on her door. The moment Erica opened her door, Emily pushed her towards the wall and ate her small, evil little body. Erica's body went down Emilys throat into her loud, hungry gurgling stomach as it quickly started to digest its large meal.

Emily snuck back outside and waited for Miley with Olivia. Miley had the hardest target of the three - Anneliese aka. Anneliese was tall, so Miley would need a way to squeeze her into her belly. Miley's stomach growled in anger as it hungrily awaited its victim. Miley used the same approach as Olivia. She hid in Anneliese's room and waited. Eventually, Annie arrived in her room.

As she was getting changed, Miley's stomach growled unbelievably loud, echoing around the entire room "Um Miley jumped out from under the bed and attacked Annie. She swallowed her whole, as her stomach roared as it digested its first human meal. Miley rubbed her growling stomach and went outside to meet the others. If either of you try anything funny on me or each other, you know what'll happen, understand?

Miley then drove herself and the girls back to the house, where they would plan their next attack. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Hannah Montana. Olivia then exited the building nd waited outside for the others Emily attempted a different approached. Emily snuck back outside and waited for Miley with Olivia Miley had the hardest target of the three - Anneliese aka. I know it isn't but just assume it still is. ONE 2. TWO 3. THREE 4. FOUR 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Emily osment belly

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