Erections in speedos

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Last week I went to the pool and had arranged with the Married Guy to maybe hook up afterward in the change rooms.

Usually I just wear jeans over my speedos and leave them near the edge of the pool but it was kind of drizzling rain so I went into the change rooms which are a little walk from the pool. There were a few people in the pool swimming laps, but otherwise no one around. I grabbed my goggles and started walking to the pool.

By the time I walked the fifty meters from change rooms to the edge of the pool, I was nintey perfect erect! Just the feeling of wearing nothing but speedos, the feeling of being out in the open wearing very little is such a turn on for me. I didn't waste anytime getting the water and as soon as I started swimming my cock calmed down a little bit.

The Married Guy you'll have to read my blog to find out how we became fuck buddies grabbed the lane next to me. After swimming for nearly an hour the Married Guy and I walked back to the change rooms, he had a towel around his waist, I had nothing but my speedos and my growing cock. I'm not sure this erection counts as spontaneous as I knew exactly what we were about to get up to in the change rooms. The Married Guy and I hadn't fooled around in a while and he had told me before that he was super horny.

When we entered the change rooms, I headed straight towards the disabled shower, it is bigger than the usual ones and is at the end of the row. The Married Guy checked that there was nobody else in there, threw his towel on his bag and headed down to me. I had the water on when he came in wearing a classic black speedo.

As I mentioned earlier, I had gotten horny just walking up from the pool, as I got a view of the Married Guy without his towel i noticed that his black speedo wasn't going to hide his erect cock. Then his tongue was in my mouth, kissing me hard, there was a hint of violence but it was one hundred percent pure pent up sexual frustration. The Married Guy usually isn't into much kissing but we were sucking face and our cocks were grinding against each other. Breaking off our kiss, he dropped to his knees and ripped my speedos down to the ground, the drawstring was still done up but he just ripped them down.

My cock popped out and was right there in front of his face and the Married Guy took it and started sucking it with the same ferocity that he had when we were making out just second ago. Since we had planned this rendezvous a few days in advance I had a full load of cum ready for the Married Guy. He was sucking my cock, I had my hands on the back of his head and it felt amazing.

Grabbing his head I started cumming in his mouth. I was trying to be quiet but if someone was getting changed, there is no mistaking what was going on in the last shower stall. Half way, maybe a little more, through my orgasm the Married Guy had stood up and was kissing me again, He hadn't swallowed my cum and now it was mixing in with both our mouths as we kissed again.

There was some cum lost in the process and it was all over our chins and dripping on our chests. Dropping to my knees, I had to kick one leg out of my speedos which were still around my ankles. I still had my back to the wall but now the Married Guys cock was at eye height just begging to be released from the lycra of his black speedo.

I pulled back the leg of his speedo releasing his fat, throbbing, cut, veiny, purple cock. I was admiring it but I didn't have much time as the Married Guy was thrusting it towards my lips. My back was to the shower wall so it had no where to go except down my throat. I took it all and it was getting jammed down my throat as the Married Guy thrusted. I pulled his balls out of his speedo and held on to them with my left hand to hold him back from impaling me on his cock. My right hand was stroking the bottom half of his manhood alternating as my lips took it in, and out, and in, and out.

The Married Guy was better at being quiet than I was just minutes earlier, his cum exploded into my throat without warning but I was expecting it. I took it all and didn't let his cock out of my mouth until his cock began to soften. His hands were up on the shower wall above me as I drained every last drop. Before I got up I tucked his cock, and balls, back inside his speedo which was still stretched. We got our shit together and left the shower cubical, thankfully or maybe not nobody had entered the change room while we had been doing our thing.

With his wife away for a week, the Married Guy was horny and asked me if he could come back to my place after he finished work and fuck me. It sounded great but I had some people coming over for dinner. I don't often write fiction but I have written some 'alternative reality' of real situations and when I do, I am sure to make that apparent. Love your pool stories, as a fellow swimmer I've had plenty of sex in the showers and changing rooms too.

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. He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me back against the tiled wall of the public shower. So the next day, instead of a swim, he came over and we fucked each other Please rate this story. Bookmark Story. Follow Author Followers. Send Private Feedback Comments 3. Post as: Anonymous .

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Erections in speedos

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Speedo Erection at the Pool