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Best known for his swashbuckling roles in films such as The Adventures of Robin Hood, Captain Blood, and The Sea Hawk, or as the dashing hero in war adventures and westerns, Errol Flynn appeared in some 50 movies during his short 16 year career in Hollywood. So you can bet Errol Flynn fans are whooping it up big, down under. Rory Flynn was just 12 when her father died which, as it turns out, was exactly 50 years ago this year too.

But earlier this year, Rory visited Tasmania and gave all her Flynn memorabilia, including love letters from her dad to her mom, to the Tasmanian museum for display. So the Errol Flynn lineage lies with two grandsons, Sean and Luke. They started organizing this a couple of years ago and asked me to come down. CR: What did it mean to you to visit Tasmania? I think the people there understand that my father was an extraordinary man. I have also learned more about my roots.

My grandfather was a very interesting man and is still well-known down there. CR: What are some of your earliest memories of your father? When I was around five, I used to lie on a bearskin rug in his den and I would fall asleep to the sound of his writing - the scratching of his pen. He was always writing. He was writing his autobiography from a very early age, and other books, documentaries and newspaper articles. I grew up with him until I was about 7, then after my parents separated I would see him several times a year.

Those visits became huge. He was really big about spending quality time with us when he could. CR: Did you know how sick he was towards the end of his life? We know now that shortly before he died, he told my mother that he was only given a year to live, but he only made it three more months. His liver was shot, he had tuberculosis, malaria, terrible back problems - and there he was, still swashbuckling all over the place to the end. CR: What do you think made your dad stand out as an actor?

I think he bridged the gap between actors playing the tough American cowboy type who were simple and direct, and the European actors with sophisticated dialogue, like Leslie Howard. My dad was able to be that action hero, and still hold an intelligent conversation.

No one had really done that before. This early period formed who he was. CR: So if your father had lived, where would his career have taken him? And he loved to write. He would have been a fantastic writer, written novels, and produced his own films. CR: Flynn has a sister, Rosemary.

Where they close? She and Errol were 10 years apart and did not grow up together for my grandparents separated for a few years and my grandmother raised Rosemary in Sydney Errol and she were not close. She died in '99 with no children. CR: Did you ever want to act? Not really. I did take a couple of acting classes at one time. In fact, Sean Penn and Anjelica Huston were in my acting class. I went back to school and took courses in photography and basically hustled my way into being a still photographer. CR: The grandsons, Sean and Luke, followed their famous grandfather into the entertainment world.

What projects are they working on these days? Luke is a blonde version of my father - he looks a lot like him. He lives in New York and is modeling all the time, and on the cover of everything! CR: Your grandfather was a biology professor. My grandfather was an intellectual and my father had something of that in him, as well as the adventurer.

Errol did have a larger problem with his mother, but had a huge regard and respect for his father. He took care of them as best he could in his last years. CR: During his career, it seems he became tired of the swashbuckler roles and wanted to tackle more serious films. Yes, he wanted to get out of type and was looking for some really meaty roles. I have letters from my father after he did Captain Blood where he says he really wanted to go back on stage because he thought of himself as a serious actor. Because he went to Cuba and met Castro. Of course, at that time, Castro was the freedom fighter trying to save Cuba and give it back to the people.

So political things happened to my dad that he just had to live with. CR: Perhaps Hollywood will see fit to officially recognize Errol Flynn's film achievements somehow, some day. But I think they will honor him one day when they realize how great he really was. Order Rory's book, The Baron of Mulholland from her web site: www. See Cinema Retro issue Tony Earnshaw unveils the fascinating story behind Errol Flynn's aborted William Tell film, and presents never-before-published photos from the production as well as an interview with the film's director, the late Jack Cardiff.

Subscribe to Our Magazine. Correspondence - let us know what you think of Cinema Retro. Cinema Retro on Facebook. All original site content copyright Cinema Retro Cinema Retro. CR: We all know women loved him. But men thought he was pretty cool too.

I think one of the things that intrigued men was that he did what he damn well pleased! He was able to do that because he was a fully formed, independent, Aussie-spirited man before he started acting. He brought an independence and a life of adventures to Hollywood.

Dad always did what he wanted, when he wanted. What happened to it? It is now restored and a tourist attraction in the South of France. What did you learn about your father reading those letters for the first time? I realized what a romantic man he was. He definitely romanced my mother through words in his letters, and kept her intrigued with his adventures. For me to see my parents in any situation where they were in love, I grasp at it, because I never really got to see them like that. What do you think? I jog past the estate every few days and I watched them tear it down in horror, for it should have been preserved.

My father deed and built it and it was a part of Hollywood history. Trackback specific URI for this entry. Current Issue Subscribe to Our Magazine. Click on image for information and to order. All . Archives January December November Recent Rory and her son Sean. January '

Errol flynn nude

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