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This covers tropes found in The Fairly OddParents. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an . Clearly this was the work of Sadist Teacher : Denzel Crocker. He enjoys failing his students and tormenting them, especially Timmy because of his fairies. Sadistic Choice : Will Timmy Turner report Vicky, losing his Fairy Godparents who are like family to him or keep it a secret and endure torture and severe abuse?

Later on however, Vicky more or less becomes a non-factor in Timmy keeping his fairies. In Grow Up Timmy Turner! On the other hand, it's shown in several episodes that even if he can get rid of Vicky without losing his fairies, it accomplishes nothing in the long run. If Vicky ends up in jail, you can bet she'll be out the next episode. In "Vicky Gets Fired", Vicky does get fired from babysitting Timmy, but the problem is, she will end up seizing positions of power no matter what because no job will ever take her if all she wants to do is hurt people. As a result, Timmy had to wish her back to being a babysitter, as it's more acceptable that the harm she inflicts is mainly towards him as opposed to many.

Safety Worst : Several episode feature Flappy Bob's Learn-A-Torium, a day camp that made you wear padding to go in a ball pit, pools that were only ankle deep, and a whack-a-mole game that ended up being a long documentary about why smacking moles is wrong. School's Out! The Musical revealed that it's founder, Flappy Bob, was being manipulated by the pixies, and when they temporary succeed they make the whole world like this. The Sandman : After Timmy wished for a world without sleep, the Sandman was introduced as being both the master of all things sleep related and the owner of a mattress store in Dimmsdale.

He shrinks and loses his powers when nobody sleeps, making him unable to revert Timmy's wish until Cosmo and Wanda fell to sleep on his new mattress. Saving Christmas : Timmy's wish for Christmas Every Day is what caused the problem in the first place. Timmy's wish was so bad, they had to make a new rule. The rule was that no child could never ever wish for Christmas every day. The premise of the second live action movie A Fairly Odd Christmas. School of No Studying : Timmy spends much more time at school than most of his cartoon comrades, yet almost never even thinks about his grades despite being a straight-F student.

The Scottish Trope : Saying "Vicky" as a good thing. Scary Flashlight Face : Often added for instant pseudo-evilness, e. Scary Scorpions : A recurring gag involves characters getting stung by scorpions. Screams Like a Little Girl : Mr. Turner whenever he's frightened, shocked, or alarmed. It started off as a gag in Dream Goat , but later became a permanent part of his character.

How does the program do it? By filming the room through the monitor of Timmy's computer. Screw the Electric Bill! Like pants! Secret Identity : Cosmo and Wanda have to be kept a secret from everyone, or Timmy will lose them forever. Secretly Wealthy : Timmy's maternal grandparents from Ustinkistan seem to be very traditional and also act and dress like bumpkins, only to find out that they're actually very wealthy and live in a typical modern upper-class lifestyle. They only dress in their native attire and speak with their native accent for the occasion of Yaksgiving.

Timmy : "Wait, you guys are rich and modern? Timmy: "It's violent and educational, but mostly violent! Yay, violence! Even a monkey wanted to do it in Abra-Catastophe, if Cosmo's monkey language abilities are to be trusted. Well, not so much take over the world as have apes take over the world, and have him take Timmy's place.

Or a banana. Dark Laser wants to destroy the Earth. Take That! Crocker : Hmm, I wonder where you end up after going through a black hole. Timmy Turner: You know what stinks about you, Remy? You're rich, you have godparents and you're still miserable. Unexpected Kindness : In "Boys in the Band", Timmy is incensed because Chip Skylark's concert is causing everyone to forget about his birthday.

He expects Chip to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing , so after Vicky has chained Chip to a bed, Timmy confronts Chip and tells him off for ruining his birthday. Chip sincerely apologizes and decides to give him a new Crash Nebula action figure that was for his own birthday.

Timmy realizes that Chip isn't as bad as he thought. In "The Grass is Greener", Timmy who has run away sees his parents getting rid of his stuff and is hurt, thinking they're doing that because he's overheard them saying they can't buy expensive things because of him though he's missed their statement that it doesn't matter since they still have Timmy.

Actually, they're just going to replace his old belongings with nice, new stuff, and when Timmy gets home, he sees that they do miss him. Timmy's mother reveals to him that they bought new items for him, and both parents say they do love him. He still gets grounded for running away though. Unfulfilled Purpose Misery : This is enforced with the godparents. As their purpose in life is to grant their godchild's wishes, if they go too long without granting a wish, they suffer from "magical buildup" and literally explode. Ungrateful Bastard : Trixie in "Class Clown". She doesn't thank Timmy for saving her life from the "seemingly harmless" man-eating plant and instead scolds him for ruining her gift, despite that it was trying to eat her heart out.

The Unintelligible : Sylvester Calzone in Momnipresent. Poof in "School of Crock" when he undergoes his Pooferty phase. Timmy remedies this by giving Arthur his father's pair of Reading Glasses. His sight is instantly corrected. Unknown Rival : The Dinklebergs to the Turners. Subverted in Operation: Dinkleburg. Dinkleburg has known of Mr. Turner's one sided rivalry for years and truly holds no ill will in turn.

He plays the villain when Mr. Turner accuses Dinkleburg of being evil just to give him the satisfaction of believing he was right. Unnamed Parent : Mr. Turner have no names ever mentioned. Even when they were children, they were nicknamed Mom and Dad. The few times their names were actually said, it was covered up by another sound effect, such as a truck driving by. The Un-Reveal : The aforementioned names of Timmy's parents. A bit of a Trolling Creator moment in the episode "Polter-Geeks" did reveal their first names At least it solved the mystery from "Father Time" though.

And Double-subverted. Unsound Effect : used all the time when magic occurs, though usually accompanied by sound. Parodied to the point where, since the fairies use poof, the anti-fairies use foop The Unwitting Comedian : In the episode "Class Clown", Timmy wishes that he was the funniest boy on Earth, hoping it would get Trixie to notice him. Because of this, everything he says will cause those that hear him to laugh hysterically. At first it works, but Timmy gets annoyed when literally everything he says is treated like he's telling a joke, even when he tries to reverse the wish.

Luckily, he manages get Cosmo and Wanda to take him to Fairy World. Because he wished to be the funniest man on Earth, he is no longer funny off planet, and is able to wish everything back to normal. Uptown Girl : Mrs. Turner to Mr. Turner, since she is apparently the daughter of a very wealthy owner of a successful fast food chain. Urban Fantasy : FOP takes place ostensibly in the early 's in a world where not just fairies, but a variety of magical and mythical creatures exist among humans.

Useless Spleen : In an attempt to beat Timmy up while Timmy blocks his attempts with his newly-gotten attendance award, Francis can be heard shouting "Ow, my hand! Ow, my other hand! Ow, my head! Ow, my spleen! Usurping Santa : After Timmy wishes that every day is Christmas, the other holiday icons conspire to take out Santa so that their own holidays can exist again. Vandalism Backfire : Happens occasionally. Vicky will destroy something of Timmy's or less frequently, Tootie's and Timmy will wish that the item was something belonging to Vicky instead.

Timmy: That's not my treasured collection of Crimson Chin comics. That's your life savings. Walk Into Camera Obstruction : "Hairicane" with Timmy's dad as he is walking out of the garage with a ski mask. Watch It Stoned : The show, according to some people. Vicky: Ricky! Don't lose my ! You don't have to call nobody else. Timmy dozing before the computer : "I love the nightlife, I've got to boogie Chip: Actually, I'm not all that rich.

The record company pays for everything, I'm broke! But if the fans knew that, they might not love me anymore. Jorgen: Turner, what did you wish for? Timmy: Okay, don't be mad, but I secretly wished that everyone would stop aging so that I could stay ten years old and keep my fairies forever. Council Leader: What!?

Fairly oddparents milk episode

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