Fairy tail millianna x sting

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Set between after Natsu shows up and before sting says he wants to rebuild sabertooth After the grand magic games and destroying the gate the guilds partied. Sting, Rouge, lector and frosch were sitting at a table eating when Rogue spoke "have you thanked that cat girl for bring back Lector? That brown haired beauty, with her cute cat ears and tail, and overly revealing clothes. Rouge smiled at his friends face which was now as red as a tomato. Her beautiful brown hair in small pigtails, her dress is shorter then the others dresses but just as cute with its paw prints on the bottom.

When Stings face was no longer red he said "I'm gonna go thank her be back in a bit. I'm glad i could bring him back to you and thanks! After a few moments she smiled again and says "Close your eyes then if you wanna repay me. Then he felt it. Soft lips pressing against his in a gentle kiss. He opened his eyes to see Millianna kissing him. She was about to turn around and walk away in till a hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her back, towards Stings body. Before she could say anything his lips pressed against hers in a fierce kiss, which she returned after processing what happened.

When air became needed they pulled apart and stared at each other. Sting nervously smiled at Kagura. Erza then walks in front of Sting glaring down at him and says "You better treat her like the princess she is! FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Sting want's to thank and repay Millianna from saving Lector so she repays him with a kiss! Sting that began to think. Are you ok? Just then all the girls came in dressed in beautiful dresses. Sting turned around and stared at how beautiful Millianna looked. Before he could close his eyes and kiss back she pulled away much to his disappointment. Stings and Millianna's faces were red and both looked at the ground. Soooo how was it? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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Fairy tail millianna x sting

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