Fairy tail natsu x wendy fanfiction lemon

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And the pairing featured in this story sees Natsu paired up with Wendy. Summary: Wendy and Natsu enjoy a romantic dinner date together at Wendy's apartment. But what happens when Wendy ends up having a few too many to drink and Natsu ends up being tempted by a wasted Sky Dragon? Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters in this story.

Author's Notes: This story takes place post-Alvarez Arc. Also, Wendy's figure is slightly more mature to look like Sherria Blendy's busty figure, although she'll still maintain her short stature. And since Wendy is only 12 years old in canon, she's 16 in this story. Wendy finished setting the table for her and Natsu's dinner date before going over to the stove and removing the large pot of stew from it and setting it on a cooling pad on the table. She then went to the oven and took out a now finished loaf of bread that she had baked and set it on a plate on the table as well.

She then went to the fridge before taking out two a giant bucket filled with several large bottles of wine on ice and placed it on the table as well before taking off her apron and mitts and going to look at herself in the mirror. She had on her usual flowing, triangular pattered green dress and she wore her ankle tied sandals on her feet. As for her hair, she had it flowing freely down her back and after glancing over her appearance in the mirror, she decided that she liked what she saw, and she just hoped that her date liked how she looked as well.

Ever since the end of the war with the Alvarez Empire, Wendy and Natsu had been steadily dating one another and had been on several dates together. It all started when Wendy finally gathered the courage to confess her long-held feelings to the rowdy Fire Dragon Slayer for all the times he'd been there for her before expressing her feelings for him with a heartfelt kiss, much to Natsu's shock and the surprise and happiness of the rest of Team Natsu especially Erza and Lucy, who had encouraged the young Sky Dragon Slayer to tell Natsu about her crush on him.

Soon afterwards, the two Dragon Slayers became an official couple, but not before Natsu received a stern warning in the form of a sword at his crotch from Erza and a pair of heavily taped fists in his face from Lucy with both girls giving him fair warning if he ever broke Wendy's heart, he was in for a world of pain and possibly a death sentence. Of course, both girls knew full well that Natsu would never even attempt to do something like that to someone he cares about but decided to put a healthy bit of fear into him nevertheless.

Still, some days Wendy had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. She still couldn't believe she had the man she'd loved since he saved her former guild all to herself, but she did, and she couldn't be any happier. Just then, she heard a knock on the door of her apartment and Wendy smiled before running over to the door. She opened it and blushed to see her boyfriend Natsu in his usual gold-trimmed black waistcoat attire and Wendy's blush deepened when she realized her boyfriend's toned chest was exposed, and she wondered if he purposefully dressed that way.

I also made some Italian bread and I have a few bottles of wine iced down on the table as well since I know how much you like to drink. That's where I got the recipe for the stew and the bread from, Erza gave it to me. Yeah, Erza always was known for her cooking skills, but with the way you cooked this stuff, if anyone didn't know any better they wouldn't know if it was you or Erza that made this.

That how good this is. Especially since I did all of this without any help this time. Keep this up and I'll have to pop the question sooner rather than later. That makes me happy to hear that coming from you. So, Lucy made me promise that I'd do anything she wanted me to do for an entire day if she agreed to watch Happy for me. You'll go above and beyond to make people happy. I love you too and I really mean that.

The kiss was as sweet and loving as the two Dragon Slayers themselves and Natsu reached up to run his fingers through Wendy's hair while Wendy did likewise to stroke his cheek. The two continued to kiss for a few minutes until separating before they decided to pop open the wine and share a few glasses. They found this really nice place that Juvia liked and that's when Gray proposed to her when she wasn't expecting it. The girl jumped all over Gray and couldn't stop kissing him.

I think it's probably the happiest Juvia's ever been. It's so good to see those two together now. Especially in Gray's case since everyone knew he loved that girl. How have things been working out for those two.

She's pretty content now that she's with Jellal and he's much happier now that he doesn't have to walk around as a wanted man anymore. The guy's actually smiling now if you can believe that. I actually knew about it before everyone else found out. No sooner had she done that, did she let out an audible hiccup before nearly falling out of her chair. You look like you're getting a bit woozy, I think you may have had a little too much. I only counted about four glasses of wine you've had.

Natsu initially resisted the kiss from the drunken Sky Dragon Slayer before finally giving in. The two kissed for a few moments before breaking the kiss and Natsu could see the desire in Wendy's eyes. I may be drunk sure, but I guarantee you that I've wanted to do this with you for a long time. Once they were in Wendy's room, Natsu set Wendy down before Wendy wrapped her arms around Natsu's neck and pulled him in for another kiss. This one was much more passionate than their kisses as Wendy and Natsu's tongues licked against one another and Wendy ran her fingers through Natsu's pink locks while Natsu ran his hands down Wendy's back.

Wendy's tongue fiercely wrestled against Natsu's and Wendy's perky, clothed chest pressed against Natsu's strong chest, causing both Dragon Slayers to moan into the kiss. As the kiss continued to get more heated, so did their desire for one another before Natsu backed Wendy to the bed and she fell back onto it with him landing on top of her. Natsu smiled down at Wendy before he reached for the bottom of Wendy's dress and began to lift it up. He slowly lifted the dress off her until it was completely off leaving the Sky Dragon Slayer in a sky-blue bra and panties. Wendy blushed at being exposed like this and Natsu just chuckled at his girlfriend's shyness.

Next, Natsu reached behind Wendy and unfastened her bra and removed it, exposing her perky bosom before moving to her final article of clothing that he slowly, and teasingly slid down her legs until they were completely off, causing Natsu to smile at his lover's slender, yet petite body in all its beauty. She had certainly matured from the shy, insecure girl he had met years ago, and now she had a body that rivaled that of her best friend Sherria.

She casually rolled the two of them over so that she was straddling him, and she began to undress Natsu, starting with his dark waistcoat before moving on to his white trousers. She soon had him in just his boxers that now had a noticeable bulge in them, and she giggled before removing them as well. Wendy blushed at Natsu's size and gazed at his package in amazement before repositioning herself over his waist with her hands on his toned chest.

Natsu smiled at his beautiful girlfriend and wasted little time in reaching up to begin groping away at Wendy's perky bosom. He smiled at the pliable texture of her breasts in his hands and pleasured moans escaped Wendy's lips as Natsu caressed her breasts. Natsu's fingers sank into her perky bosom and he casually kneaded both breasts together in his hands.

Natsu's fingers groped at Wendy's bust as her tits grew hard with excitement. He gripped her tits and began carefully tweaking them causing Wendy to bite her lower lip in ecstasy as Natsu lightly twisted her buds before gently pulling on them causing her to cry out in pleasure. Natsu soon released her tits before leaning in to place his lips on her right breast and he began working his canines on her tits. Wendy mewled at this and her legs began quaking with arousal as Natsu gnawed on her breast while simultaneously kneading the opposing breast. He carefully pinched her tit before tweaking it a bit as he opened his mouth to lick both of her tits before kissing the perky cans.

Natsu then caught his aroused girlfriend by surprise by rolling her onto her back and kissing his way down her toned stomach until he arrived at her womanhood. Natsu spread Wendy's legs and licked his lips before his fingers began prodding away at her folds while his thumbs brushed against her hard clit. Wendy's blush deepened at Natsu's fingers squirming inside of her before she let out a squeal of pleasure at feeling Natsu's tongue brush on her folds.

Natsu's licked at her folds before moving on to her clit. He gave her clit a teasing lick before sucking on the sensitive spot causing Wendy to nearly scream in ecstasy. Natsu then proceeded to spread her folds with his fingers before sliding his tongue into her pussy. Wendy's moans were higher than ever by this point as Natsu tasted her and Wendy placed her hands on Natsu's head and ran his hands through his hair while holding his head in place, encouraging him to continue. Natsu happily obliged as his tongue wildly squirmed on her folds and gathered her wetness.

Natsu's tongue continued wagging and swaying inside of Wendy's pussy and Wendy's moans only continued to grow as her arousal burned hotter than Natsu's flames. Sensing her arousal, Natsu decided to rubbing Wendy's clit with his thumbs as he continued tasting her arousal. This proved to be the final straw for Wendy, as she screamed at the top of her lungs before her orgasm finally occurred and her love juices splashed onto Natsu's tongue.

Natsu took his time in relishing the taste of the delicious fluids before giving her folds one last teasing kiss before he moved up to kiss Wendy. Wendy moaned into the kiss and she could taste her own arousal on Natsu's lips as she returned the lustful move.

Wendy fiercely kissed Natsu back and their tongues dueled in each other's mouths before the two of them eventually broke the kiss to gaze longingly at each other. That's why you love me so much. Wendy blushed at how much bigger he looked up close before she gripped Natsu and began stroking him. She smiled as Natsu began moaning from her actions and feeling confident, Wendy snaked out her tongue and began licking Natsu's cock from the tip down to the base.

As she licked his swollen manhood, her ass swung with her arousal raising from tasting him. The salty, sweet taste of Natsu's pre-cum drove her taste buds wild as Wendy tasted his shaft. The throbbing of Natsu's cock increased and it caused Wendy to lick her lips in excitement.

Wendy brushed her tongue on Natsu's pride while she sneaked one hand down to his testicles. She gripped them and began caressing them while never letting up on her vigorous licking. Natsu moaned loudly as Wendy pleased him and he placed one hand on Wendy's head as she licked his shaft. Wendy, seeing the effect she had on her lover decided to take things up a notch and cupped her perky breasts and enclosed Natsu's cock in between them.

Natsu's legs almost gave out at Wendy's actions. He wasn't expecting that, but he loved it nonetheless as Wendy began using her breasts to stroke his erection while covering what wasn't trapped within her breasts with her mouth. Wendy rubbed and massaged her breasts on Natsu's cock while she bobbed her mouth on his length. Natsu moaned at Wendy's pleasing methods before he began thrusting into her mouth and breasts. Wendy stroked her breasts on Natsu's cock and she could feel the throbbing in Natsu's cock intensify, aling that he was close to his release.

Wendy stirred her tongue around Natsu's growth and both dragon slayers moaned in unison as she squeezed and kneaded her breasts together on his erection. She opened her mouth and began blowing on Natsu's saliva-soaked foreskin to tease him before planting her mouth back on his erection. Her timing proved to be perfect as Natsu moaned loudly as his cum erupted from his length and Wendy moaned as she drank the salty, sweet white substance that stuck to her throat.

Natsu panted before Wendy freed his cock from her breasts and mouth and smiled up at her lover before he returned the gesture. Natsu positioned his cock at her entrance and began rubbing his erection against her folds. Wendy moaned at the intimate contact before looking into Natsu's eyes and nodding in approval.

Now having Wendy's consent, Natsu eased his way into Wendy's womanhood, tearing through her barrier as he went. Both lovers moaned in unison from the sensations they were experiencing, Natsu from the tightness of Wendy's pussy wrapping around him, and Wendy likewise from Natsu's size within her walls as well as the slight twinge of pain from the loss of her virginity.

Natsu waited until Wendy had adjusted to him before she nodded that she was alright, and he began shooting his length into her warmth. Wendy's moans sounded higher than ever before as she wrapped her arms around Natsu's back and her legs around his waist to pull him closer.

Wendy's hips began bucking against Natsu's powerful thrusts and both lovers moaned at the speed and power of his thrusts. He pounded into her wetness and her breasts bobbed against his strong chest with each thrust. Natsu drove his hardness into Wendy's tightness and she deeply blushed while moaning at the top of her lungs as her nails dug into his back, but Natsu was way too aroused to feel any pain now. Deciding to shake things up a bit, he snaked his hands up Wendy's slender, petite frame and cupped her breasts and began fondling them as he hammered into the Sky Dragon Slayer.

At the same time, he began lustfully licking Wendy's neck and nipping away at her smooth skin. Wendy's lust continued to burn hotter and hotter from her lover's pleasurable onslaught on her body. Natsu groped and fondled her tits as they heaved from the impact of his thrusts into her womb and his length struck her walls countless times as he nibbled away on her neck before planting kisses on it. Wendy's toes curled from the pleasure she was receiving as Natsu continued to make love to her.

Natsu's groping of Wendy's breasts combined with his teasing ministrations on her neck only served to further arouse her which served to make her tighter on his raging rod as it stormed into her pussy.

Fairy tail natsu x wendy fanfiction lemon

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