Fat eevee gx

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How can you not love this card? Coming from the same Generations set, this Flareon EX is quite possibly the best modern-day Eevee card. Standing in between the other two original Eeveelutions, Vaporeon and Jolteon, Flareon EX is the perfect full art modern card for any Eevee fan. Releasing at the end of , the Eevee Scream promo is one of the most iconic recent-day Japanese promo cards thanks to the combined collection alongside Pikachu, Mimikyu, Rowlet, and Psyduck.

Quite possibly the most unique Eeevee card, although the next one in this list may have something to say about that. This card is bizarre, to say the least. There are multiple variants of this card and like most Tag Team GX cards they showcase awesome artwork with a great stylistic choice. The base artwork is my favourite here, highlighting the two together. Ludkins Media provides high quality journalism for all your TCG news. Forgot your password? Lost your password? You will receive mail with link to set new password.

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Fat eevee gx

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