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How's it goin bud? Yeah you should already be familiar with the recent changes in the Animatronics, since you worked the day shift and all that. You know, where we changed them to look more feminine and stuff? Sorry about the recent change in shifts by the way, but we needed someone to work the nights, and since the Animatronics seem strangely attached to you, why not just send you to watch em, you know?

Anyway, just make sure to wind that music box up to keep the Marionette in place, make sure the Animatronics don't mess the place up while they roam, and watch out for any intruders and such, you know the drill Anyway, that's it from me, have a nice night! He then picked up the small tablet laying on the desk in front of him, flipping through each camera to check the building.

Nothing unusual happened so far, though he did notice Toy Chica was missing from the stage. Shrugging, he flipped through the cameras again and began to remotely wind up the music box. So far so good. He jumped when he heard something in the vents and clicked the button to turn the lights at the left vent on.

Toy Chica's head popped out, her beak missing. So you're the new night guard? Her body was ificantly more thicker than it used to be, and she looked softer than she had a few weeks back, possibly due to the new material they made the suit out of. Her breasts were bigger as well, though she now wore a shirt underneath the bib so she wouldn't look entirely naked. She walked over to the desk and sat on top of it.

Erak sighed and placed the tablet back on the desk. You know it's easier to get around through the vents. You scared the living hell out of me! He sighed and patted her head, though he had to stand up to do so. Erak sat back in his seat and flipped through the cameras again. He looked at the clock in the upper right hand corner.

Nothing really eventful happened after Toy Chica visited, but he had to make sure to watch the others closely, so they didn't make a mess. He especially watched Foxy and Bonnie, since they tended to touch things without permission. He placed the tablet down after about five minutes, and something jumped in front of him, screaming at the top of its lungs. He nearly passed out from shock, holding his chest with his right hand, breathing heavily. A female chuckle echoed in front of him.

Man, you shoulda seen that look on your face when I jumped out atcha! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!? Mangle jumped into his lap, much to his surprise. I like it right here. He liked the Animatronics, sure, but with the new AI inserted into their system, they were much harder to deal with since they had varying personalities. Also, with the new model look for them, it was much harder to interact with them.

Mangle was changed from a 'build it yourself' attraction because of her changes, since the company didn't want the kids to play with her Erak was the one who suggested the change for Mangle, since they had given her a similar body shape to Toy Chica, though she wasn't as thick.

Erak wondered what they made the new suits out of, because Mangle's lower half seemed soft and produced a heat similar to a human body. Shaking the thought of touching her to see if she was indeed human like, Erak leaned forward and grabbed the tablet, winding up the music box. Mangle, grinning from ear to ear, leaned back, pressing her back into his chest. I'm trying to check the cameras! Erak felt something warm and slimy slither into his mouth. Mangle sloppily and excitedly explored around inside his mouth, savoring the feeling she got when her tongue brushed past the back his teeth.

Erak struggled to push her back, but once he did he let out a gasp for air. Erak cleared his throat before saying anything. You know that distracting me from my job is bad. Erak swallowed hard. She hugged him, pressing her chest on him more so than the rest of her body. She placed her face closer to his left ear and flicked it gently with her tongue. It took him a moment before he answered. Mangle chuckled and moved her hand from his thigh.

She then placed it somewhere hard, smiling with satisfaction. It twitched slightly, and her smile became wider when she heard a soft moan escape from him. Erak turned and looked at the clock on the tablet. And he also noticed the music box was low A different tune played from the camera in the Prize Corner. Pop Goes the Weasel. Oh shit Last time this thing moved it tried to attack me! Marionette was loose, and there was no way to stop her from coming to him.

He flipped frantically through the cameras, trying to figure out where she was. He found her in the hallway Mangle looked at him worriedly. That thing is going to kill me Mangle was confused. If Marionette was out, then Mangle could only think of one possible thing she wanted Mangle turned around and a few seconds later Marionette was in front of her. Erak opened his eyes at stared at the thing. It had changed ificantly since it last attacked him, since they did modify her.

She was now more human like, though she was still in that strange one piece outfit with three buttons around her now well developed chest and white stripes going horizontally from the elbows to the wrist and from the knees to the ankles. She had straight black hair that reached down to her mid back. Her old mask was now just covering the left side of her now human face, showing off the right side.

Her right eye had a black sclera and a completely white iris, with a streak of purple going from beneath her eye to her chin. Her cheek had a red sticker on it. Her fingers and arms were slightly elongated to match her height, which was about twelve feet in height. She looked bizarre, but at least the kids weren't as scared of her anymore. She looked down at Erak and his heart stopped, his blood chilled to his very core, and his eyes became slightly wet with tears.

It was over. How ya been? The Marionette ignored her and continued to stare at the teen in front of her. Erak blinked once and the Marionette was next to him, her eyes boring into his. She reached out to touch his face with her left hand and he flinched, which hurt her feelings somewhat. Mangle chuckled. He thinks you're here to kill him, since you attacked him last time. Erak swallowed hard when she stood up next to him. Only to introduce myself. His body relaxed and he leaned down in his chair, his hips slightly digging into Mangle's and his private sliding against hers, which made her grin.

A little too excited aren't we?

Fnaf sex stories

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