Forced cd stories

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TG fiction are stories and fantasies about the transformation of people into the other sex, by cross-dressing, feminization, transexual body modification or transgender lifestyle. Cross-dressing is the wearing of clothing commonly associated with the opposite gender than the one usually presented by the dresser.

Transsexualism in which an individual identifies with a gender that is different from their biological one. Other stories explore forced cross-dressing or feminization through malice or blackmail. They involve scenes of humiliation and submission. The transformation can be non-consensual, with the transformer often becoming confused, scared, or angry as the changes take place, although some transformations are gladly accepted and even chosen by the individual. Sister site to here. Transformation Stories Stories of the transformations of people into other beings or objects.

Crystal's Story Site Enormous repository of stories including gender swap, age progression, femdom, bondage, insertions, hypnosis and stuck. Fictionmania Here you will find a rich and detailed website encompassing a wide range of transgender fiction.

Over stories. The site also archives other transformation stories including animal, mythical beasts, furry creatures, various universes, and unclassified stories. Forced Crossdresser Fantasies A forced feminization art and illustrated stories website for trannies, crossdressers, and their admirers, as well as femdom and fetish art erotica and cartoons fans. Featuring topics of forced-crossdressing and dolled-up sissified males in feminized submission wearing lingerie and slutty attire in settings of erotic and public humiliation loaded with BDSM.

TranniesInTrouble Crossdressing Bondage featuring Sandra Gibbons and all her tranny friends helplessly bound and gagged. If you like sexy tranny girls in bondage this is the place to be. The Maid Store How many times have you looked on websites and thought a simple French Maids uniform, or sissy-panties that are terrible quality when you receive them, or extremely over-priced? I'm sure you have plenty of times, and a lot of my friends that are into the scene have also.

Plus maybe you are tired of seeing the same old garments on different websites? This is why we have come up with our own range of products in our Sissy and Maid Store! Warning These stories concern people in situations where they may be transformed into another sex, either consensually or not, crossdressing a feminization. They may contain sexual acts and are therefore adult in nature. If acts of Gender Transformation are not for you then please don't read them.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to repeat the situations depicted in these stories. They are a work of fiction. These stories are presented here as acts of fantasy only. These stories remain the copyright property of their respective authors. Either the story has been d by the author to be posted on this site or where possible the author has been contacted to seek approval for their use, if you see your work here please let me know if you wish it removed.

We'd love to see your stories posted here, think you have a story to tell or have written stories posted elsewhere. Transgender are people who wanted to live cross-gender without sex reasment surgery. Links Dollstories Stories of transformations into dolls.

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Forced cd stories

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