Fox news outnumbered legs

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. The IED-related incident resulted in the loss of both of his legs above the knee and severe damage to his right forearm and both wrists. Since his recovery, Jones has dedicated his work towards improving the lives of all veterans and their families. In this capacity, he focused on educating the public on the issues pressing veterans and their families.

Boot Campaign now serves the health and wellness of the veteran community through a pipeline of treatment resources. C following his injuries. In , President Barack Obama invited Jones to the White House to discuss challenges facing active duty and retired service members. Jones has also held discussions on the topic with former President George W.

This is a moment for every American, especially those who feel cheated, to look ahead. As a Marine, I deployed to not one, but two foreign wars. For that, people will almost universally call me a patriot. But I see patriotism differently. Democrats are seeing right now, today, that the American people are moving toward gun ownership. A semiprofessional soccer teams in Tulsa has decided to throw away our national anthem. Economic collapse. A senseless murder. Can gut-punch us anymore? Yes, riots in our cities and a debate about using our military to stop them.

As a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who lost more than two dozen of my fellow Marines fighting the wars abroad — and a few fighting an internal war here at home — I feel many emotions thinking of the brave warriors I fought alongside. Having spent the last few weeks at home in quasi-quarantine with my family, I woke this morning with a sense of epiphany.

Fox news outnumbered legs

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