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Believe it or not, Gerard Butler started his acting career late. However, this did not prevent him from becoming very popular. All thanks to the fact that Gerard Butler did not hesitate to appear nude in films. And now you have a great opportunity to admire Gerard Butler nude butt and cock pics! Until that time, he planned to be a lawyer. Not only did he go to law school, but he was the president of the law college where he studied. This male celebrity has a beautiful voice and he even sang in a rock band called Speed.

This happened after he saved a boy from drowning in the river Tay during filming Mrs. Gerard James Butler pampers his fans by appearing in nude movie scenes. This male celebrity is happy to flaunt his wonderful naked booty. And in one of the scenes, he can be seen running along the sea. At the same time, Gerard Butler will be nude and will show not only his ass but also his big cock.

This muscular handsome man does not need to make an effort to pose sexually. From the look of his blue eyes, you can go crazy. And if Gerard Butler is shirtless at the same time, then you will only think about how to lick his little nipples. Gerard Butler shirtless and bulge beach pics will delight everyone.

Mmmm, his wet hairy chest looked very sexy when he left the sea in blue swimming trunks. In addition, his huge bulge in wet swimming trunks attracted the eyes. Gerard Butler would make a splash if he pulled off his swimming trunks and showed his nude cock on the beach! By the way, this male actor played perfectly in the film Mrs Brown In one of the scenes, he decides to swim naked in the sea. So, when the Butler will run along the seashore, then you can admire not only his bare booty but also a juicy dick! It is worth noting his acting in the film There, this male celebrity will show her naked buns, standing near the balcony.

And also he will demonstrate his incredible chest and wonderful abs sitting on the bed. Gerard will show his excellent physical fitness in the film Den of Thieves In , the horror film Dracula was released. And I must say that Gerard Butler looked incredibly hot in one of the sex scenes. This nude male celeb, covered with a blue sheet, will make the girl moan with pleasure.

Gerard Butler also starred in the movie Gamer In one scene, he did not hesitate to take off his underpants in public, boasting his awesome tattooed ass. And you could also see the wet muscular torso of this hot male actor in some scenes of the film. You can see Gerard Butler in the movie Gods of Egypt First, this handsome will take part in an erotic scene lying in bed. Oh, his pumped-up hairy chest with small nipples and strong arms looked so sexy! And then this nude male actor will show his figure, getting out of bed to put on a bathrobe.

In the film Law Abiding Citizen , this guy takes off all his clothes. During the detention by the police, he will be completely naked. You must admit that his butt looked very sweet when he was handcuffed. Also, this male celeb appears shirtless in the film, showing his wide chest and excellent abs. Hot strip dance from Gerard Butler awaits you in P. I Love You I think that no one could resist his shaking ass in black and white shorts. And black suspenders on his bare torso made his look even sexier. Also, this male actor starred in the crime comedy RocknRolla There, Gerard Butler decided to tease the other guys by stripping off his jeans right in front of their eyes.

Oh, I would spank his wonderful bare buttocks with great pleasure! I advise you to watch the comedy The Ugly Truth with this guy. In one scene, girls bathe him in an inflatable pool with cherry jam. And they will also unbutton his shirt and start smear with jam his incredible wide chest.

Gerard Butler also played in the movie Timeline He will appear there without a shirt, flaunting his muscular chest and a pumped back. Twitter: twitter. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Gerard Butler Videos. Gerard Butler frontal nude movie scenes Gerard James Butler pampers his fans by appearing in nude movie scenes.

Gerard butler penis

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