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The show does so many things well, including being consistently funny, heartwarming when it needs to be, and remaining creative enough to keep fans guessing. That said, it's slightly under-the-radar run has given the series a little bit of a cultish feel, even though it is viewed by millions every week. Fortunately for fans who want to feel like they have a deeper connection to the Belcher family and their exploits, there are many fascinating facts about the series are not yet widely known.

On top of that, something about it needs to be astonishing enough that it is amazing when you really think about it, even if you were aware of it in the past. As the patriarch of the Belcher family, Bob is a pretty unusual father. However, it would be a gigantic stretch if anyone tried to pretend like he is anything other than old-fashioned in most ways. With that in mind, it is surprising to learn that Bob Belcher has a tattoo on his lower back. Nevertheless, there are scenes where Bob has bent over and ink of what appears to be a representation of his nose and mustache can clearly be seen.

Actors who make a living providing their voice to animated projects tend to work an awful lot. As a perfect example of that, H. Jon Benjamin has been heard as a part of a long list of animated TV series and a few movies. The other Bob's Burgers voice actors reprised their roles as well. On top of that, fans can also point to the connections shared by other siblings from the show like Gayle and Linda, Calvin and Felix Fischoeder, and Ollie and Andy Pesto.

When it comes to that last pair, brothers Ollie and Andy Pesto are voiced by a pair of women, though that is pretty common in the animation world. However, the actors that play them are more remarkable than the norm since they are Sarah and Laura Silverman, a pair of real-life sisters. On top of that, King of the Hill introduced a fictional video game named Pro-Pain! To this day, Fox remains the network that is most responsible for the popularity of animated TV shows aimed at adult audiences.

However, just because the people that run the network have green-lit many successful animated series does not mean the power brokers behind these series always get along well. The Belchers also crossed over into the realm of the Family Guy crew. Louis, and Phoenix. It's an extremely competitive business, any actor who lands a notable role in a hit TV show has done something truly amazing.

That said, once your time on a popular series comes to an end it can be equally difficult to land another part that keeps you in the spotlight, let alone employed at all. Included among that group are H. If you are aware of who Paul Rudd is, the chances are good that you enjoy his work as well. As a result, upon reading the name of this entry it may seem completely unremarkable that Tina Belcher likes the man. A throwaway moment that has mostly been forgotten about since then, the only remaining artifact of this incident is the ice cream machine still being noticeably dented, even seasons later, if you look for it.

In the third season episode" It Snakes a Village", when the Belchers went on a trip, a revealed they were departing New Jersey. While it technically is possible that they went way off course and into Jersey, in reality, a route like that would make no sense, so the seems pretty conclusive. Of course, behind-the-scenes footage is shared with the masses but that just provides a small window into a world that is largely closed off. However, that footage does make one thing clear: the vast majority of the time, voiceover actors spend their time speaking into a microphone with only crew members present.

That said, some cast members reside in different states so they telecommute with the aide of a high-quality ISDN line. As a fantastic example of that, an episode featured a storyline in which Tina telecommuted to school with the aid of a robot after an ankle injury. Eventually using that same robot to attend a beach party, the Belcher kids had to break it out of their school. This allmost went awry when a security guard sees the robot leave. While that warning seemed odd, it was a reference to a real-life hitchhiking robot named HITCHbot that traveled North America until a mystery person in Philly destroyed it for some reason.

It is simply amazing how many shows make pretty massive changes in the final days of their planning stages. This is especially true when it comes to the animated world. Many of the best actors do extensive research and introspection prior to showing up on set. At the very least, it is imperative that they learn their lines so they can perform them once cameras roll.

This is largel possible since he can perform his lines with the script in front of him, but his lack of preparation may actually add to his performance since it could make things more spontaneous. In an amazing quirk of fate, when it came time for the actors to record their parts, Michael Men was dropped off in front of the very same studio. At first assuming that Men was there to voice his character from Reservoir Dogs , writers coaxed him into the studio but another actor had already been cast to play his part.

On top of that, it also allows the cast to improvise, which is something that they are encouraged to do. In fact, H. It is only fitting that we touch on the granddaddy of them all last. One of the longest-running series of all-time, The Simpsons may not be at the zenith of its popularity any longer, but the show has become an institution in the television landscape. It is incredibly meaningful that the Belchers family were chosen to be among a group of characters seen in an episode of The Simpsons entitled "Homerland".

It was a really important moment for devoted fans of Fox Animation. At times, it seems seems like you have to be a gigantic fan of all film and TV to be hired as a writer for animated shows. After all, the list of classic movies and shows that have been directly referenced by The Simpsons is so exhaustive that tracking them all would take weeks of work. Taking advantage of merchandising opportunities can play a huge factor in whether or not a show makes a profit and continues airing. Do you have any Bob's Burgers trivia to share? Let us know in the comments! Growing up I developed a true love for movies and wrestling.

I feel that way because I feel a great story has the power to place a filter over the lens that people see the world through. I also discovered comics in my early teens and have become a pop culture junkie. I love to write about my passions and am incredibly happy to be able to have people read it.

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