Girls boarding school spankings

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Supervised by Headmaster Tom personally again, keeping things firmly under control! Where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. Broken rules, forgotten homework or plain and simple bad behaviour is simply not tolerated. GBS residents learn very early on that such antics are strictly punished by tried and trusted traditional methods.

A hard over the knee spanking, or a severe session with the paddle, not to mention the all feared and dreaded cane, all make up the daily punishment routines at Girls Boarding School. Quick and precise. Elin is in a very uncomfortable and humiliating position. She's lying on her back with her legs up. What has poor Elin done to deserve this?

Among the many rules at GBS one of them is that the girls should keep their finger nails short. Therefore, he seems to believe that she actually likes being punished. Using the leather paddle he hits her poor defenceless bottom several times, causing her to cry out in pain. Then to add more to the humiliation he orders her to lower her trousers and get back in position. Now the paddle is cracking down on her bare, bruised and battered bottom. When the punishment is over, the other girl is dismissed.

HM Tom lectures Elin about keeping to the rules or she is just making life more difficult for herself. Telling her to stay in position for another half hour, he leaves her feeling very sorry for herself. Inappropriate Clothes. Once indoors she agrees that it was indeed embarrassing being paraded through the garden in the nude. HM Tom is angry with her for daring to wear such inappropriate clothing while she's a student at GBS. Punishment is immediate. She promises it won't happen again and he assures her that it certainly won't by the time he's finished with her. Finally, he tells her to go to bed, even though it's only the middle of the day.

A quick caning in the kitchen. Sanna is in trouble. The kitchen is still in a dreadful mess, despite HM Tom asking her to clean it up ten minutes earlier. Now there are no second chances. She is told to bend over in readiness for the cane. Immediately followed by her scream of pain. She straightens up, only to be told to get back into position. She gets started on it right away.

The mean roommate. It's a Sunday morning - why is Maggy wrapped in a duvet and sobbing her little heart out? Headmaster Tom is amazed to hear that Maggy's roommate Nicole has stolen all her clothes, so she can't go to church. Promising Maggy that he will deal with Nicole, he goes in search of the mean thief. Nicole is kneeling on her bed her bottom is stuck up in readiness for the cane. HM Tom tells her that he intends to keep on caning her until she is crying genuine tears.

He wants to see the tears rolling down her cheeks. She tries to fake it, but he tells her they are not real tears and goes on with the caning. Eventually, the genuine tears start so he gives her two more strokes. Then telling her to go to Maggy and apologise for stealing her clothes and return them to their rightful owner. Throwing down the cane, he leaves Nicole sobbing her little heart out. New Resident Nicole. Nicole finds herself as a new student at Girls Boarding School. Which is why she is lying over his knee having her lovely unblemished bottom soundly spanked. Her creamy white bottom changes to a deep cherry red as his hard hand leaves its impression.

So why would she be bending over a table getting her bare bottom paddled with a leather paddle a couple of hours later? She took her cell phone with her into class. She wasn't allowed to do it at her school, but she tells Michael she didn't care for the rules at Girls Boarding School either. Michael is determined to make her care. Again she promises to be good. What has she done this time? She went out for the evening, ignoring the curfew of nine o'clock.

When she eventually Tarted Up. Maggy is acting a bit strange. When he tells her wearing a hat in the house is bad manners, therefore, will she please remove it? Now he knows why she was intent on hiding her face. She'd spent her pocket money on make up. She is bent over her dressing table, giving him full access to her bottom. He uses a tawse on her bare bottom, causing her to cry and scream, while she is supposedly cleaning the make up off her face.

He tells her that he will carry on with the tawsing until such time as her face has no trace of make up on it. Eventually, with a very red sore bottom and a clean shiny face, her ordeal is over. A Beer in the Sun. Her eyes become heavy and she drifts off into sleep. As she is already lying face down, he seizes the opportunity to start spanking her. His large hard hand soon has her bottom writhing about and as she squirms about, kicking her legs and screaming, he ignores her obvious distress and carries on spanking her.

She ple with him to stop, but he tells her he'll stop only when he believes she's had enough. After the hand spanking he drags her indoors and up to her room. Now she is told to lie face down on the bed and he goes onto using a carpet beater. Her beautiful shapely bottom is turned from a creamy white to a blazing red. He leaves her lying on her bed rubbing gently at her very sore bottom. Once she has composed herself, she dresses into her school uniform and New Resident Micaela. Michael is trying to calm somebody down on the phone. He promises that Micaela will be dealt with immediately.

He replaces the receiver and calls Micaela to come in. A very pretty blonde girl enters; she's looking scared. Michael explains to her why he has called her into his office. The person on the other end of the phone was a friend of his. Micaela was his housekeeper before she came to Girls Boarding School. She stole money from him. He pulls her over his knee and starts hand spanking her. She wriggles and squeals as her bottom becomes redder and sorer. And even more so when her knickers are unceremoniously pulled down to mid thigh. When he releases her, she thinks her punishment is over.

However, his hand is sore so he's going to use a leather paddle on her bottom instead. Despite her constantly pleading with him to let her go, he ignores her distress and carries on with the spanking. Eventually, he tells her to count the next ten strokes of the paddle and thank him.

Maggy - Whipped by the Headmaster. Headmaster Tom is making a very embarrassing phone call. A package has arrived at GBS addressed to Maggy. On being opened it was found to contain a whip. He finds her in bed sleeping and wakes her up. She admits that she did order the whip for fun.

He is disgusted with her. So he tells her to get out of bed and stand facing the wall. She is fully nude. Poor Maggy, isn't finding it much fun as her bottom gets redder and sorer. After about twenty strokes, he tells her to get back on the bed. She is to spend the next three days in her room. No Internet for two weeks and no spends for a few months. Poor Maggy, her plan to have fun, backfired spectacularly. Funny Pictures. Headmaster Tom is getting some ice from the fridge when he notices that the fridge door is stick and dirty. He calls for Maggy and introduces her to a spray can of stainless steel cleaner and polisher.

Pushing a roll of kitchen paper into her hand, he tells her to clean the fridge doors. Maggy obediently gets on with it. Meanwhile, HM Tom returns to the kitchen to see how Maggy is getting on, but there is no Maggy, just a fridge with pictures sprayed on it. He's not amused and calls for Maggy to re him in the kitchen. As she can't give him a reasonable excuse why she hasn't finished polishing the fridge doors, punishing her is a must.

A few minutes later, she has a very sore bottom. He tells her to take off all her clothes, including her shoes.

Girls boarding school spankings

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