Hinata and sakura lemon fanfiction

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Sora : Hello again my dear readers I have presented you with another lemon Yuri story. This has to be my favorite Yuri couple in Naruto counting out Sasunaru Yuri since that ' s gender bending. What made me want to make one was seeing how few good stories there are for Sakuhina so I thought of making one myself for you guys to enjoy. This story takes place in the old Japanese era you know the Samurai age? You all know what I ' m talking about right? Anyway enjoy the story. On the stone streets of the Konoha village a girl with long pink hair, that was tied fancy in a bun, ran across the street, wooden slippers clacking against the road.

She was panting with slight exhaustion from the running across the small village. The girl saw the crowd up ahead and ran even faster to push through the crowd o see what was going on. She saw her best friend Hinata on her knees in front of her cousin Neji begging. The crowd disbands leaving the Pink haired girl standing before her friend.

Hinata only stared up at her friend for a second then eyes rested back down clutching on the loose fabric of her kimono that had rested on her knee. Sakura gave her friend a sigh then walked up to her resting on her knees hugging her close. Sakura couldn't help but admire what Hinata was wearing. She had a violet kimono on with pink koi fish des all around the outfit and the bow around her waist was pink with a bunch of purple swirl patterns. Her hair long hair was pin up in a fancy de that most of the Hyuuga women she had seen wear. She was sort of jealous of her seeing she was wearing a plain pink kimono with a green bow having cherry blossoms as a pattern on said bow.

She let out a soft sigh then dragged her friend with her to her home. The two girls were sitting on the wooden deck in Sakura's house both staring at the violet color blossoms. Hinata couldn't help but let her head drop staring at the ground sadly. Sakura gave her friend a pout and pushed her slightly, "Hey Hinata-chan I didn't bring you here so you can mope some more!

Sakura turned to face Hinata, "I know what I said Hinata-chan but that was a long time ago…" Hinata shook her head and stood before her friend eyes drowning with tears. Sakura stood as well grabbing the girl's hand. She gave Hinata a sad smile, "Hinata-chan…" she closed her eyes, "Stop worrying about it for my sakes…".

You love him don't you! Sakura shook her head then open her eyes gently, "Not anymore…I used to but…things have changed Hinata-chan…". Sakura turned back to the blossoms once more letting go of her friend's hand, "They just have…" Hinata just stared at her friend for a moment then looked down sadly. Sakura stared at the one petal that fell from the tree then once it had fall to the ground closes eyes gently, "You could say I am jealous of Sasuke-kun…" Hinata arched her brow at the answer and was very confused by it. What could you be jealous of Sakura-chan? Her eyes were widening with shock, her friend that she has known since they were eleven was now kissing her lips.

Hinata has never notice how soft her friend's lips were, sure her friend has kissed her forehead a couple of times but never had they ever really kissed each other. Sakura's eyes were closed as she pressed her lips close to the other girl's wrapping one arm around Hinata's thin waist.

Sakura's other hand was undoing her hair removing all the items that was holding it up in a fancy style letting them and her hair fall loose. Sakura broke the kiss for a quick breath then kissed Hinata once more. Hinata was dazed confused of these new feelings bubbling up in her stomach for her dear friend. As they continue to kiss Sakura grabbed a hold of Hinata's ass groping it.

This caused the Hyuuga to gasp surprised. Sakura took the chance to thrust her tongue inside the cavern of Hinata's mouth exploring every part of it. Hinata's pale eyes were half-way closed. She moaned in the kiss wrapping her arms around her friend's neck bodies pressed closer together. Then with her other hand Sakura groped the other side of Hinata's ass cupping both of the cheeks. Sakura moaned in the kiss as well, she soon pushed Hinata against the wall of her house that was still on the deck.

Sakura out of pure lust keened in between Hinata leg rubbing the covered area. Hinata felt as if her legs weren't going to support her body. She felt her body almost collapse at the shock of pleasure running up through her. But Sakura held her close, hands still cupping her ass. The pink haired girl slowly began rubbing her entire body against the Hyuuga making herself and the woman below her moan.

Sakura then let go of the girl's ass, leaving Hinata to support herself, while she was undoing the bow of her kimono. As the item of clothing fell, Hinata's kimono now revealed the Hyuuga's two large pale breast and white underwear. Sakura almost drooled at the sight, but instead she wrapped her arms around the girl and kisses Hinata's neck. Hinata moaned out, "S-Sakura-chan w-why….? Sakura paused her actions, "I love you…as simple as that…I'm tired of hiding it from you Hinata-chan….

I want you show you my feelings…. With the pleasure she was feeling now Hinata couldn't help but jerk her head back against the wall pale eyes dazed with lust. Sakura's other hand grabbed her ass groping that as well and with her knee she grinded it against her privet parts but now she could feel it a lot better without her kimono in the way to block the raw pleasure. Moans grew louder as Sakura continued to pleasure the young Hyuuga. Hinata couldn't help but put her leg in between Sakura's and grind against her as well out of pure lust.

Sakura then stop her movements grabbed the smaller girl and laid her down on the porch of her home. Hinata stared up at Sakura confused. Sakura removed Hinata last remaining clothing and smirked down at the girl, "Look how wet you are…" Hinata blushed "You like it when I touch you, don't you?

Sakura chuckled then removed the bow holding together her kimono, she threw said bow to the side to who knows where. Hinata couldn't help but blush even more seeing her friend like this. Sakura smirked then took the chop sticks out of here hair that were holding up her messy bun making ever pink strand fall loose.

She kissed her friends neck then moved down to her breast kissing the nipple. Hinata flinched at this, seeing how sensitive she was Sakura began to suck on the nipple and with another hand she groped her right breast playing with the nipple with her index finger. Her eyes were closed letting her friend take over, pleasuring her, making her wetter. She never realized how talented Sakura was at doing things like this.

Sakura slowly stopped sucking on Hinata's left breast then kissed her stomach and moved down to the girl's womanhood. Hinata blushed felling the breath of Sakura against her. Sakura slowly lick all the way up Hinata's clit making her immediately flinch at the action. Sakura then began to dip her tongue inside Hinata hitting her sweet spot.

It felt so good so raw and warm, Hinata never that she would ever have such feelings for her pink-haired friend. But she was thankfully proved wrong because of Sakura. Her heart was beating harder as she looked down to see Sakura pleasure herself from thrusting her tongue inside of her.

She jerked her head back at the wave of pleasure. As Hinata jerked Sakura rubber herself harder, she was moaning while thrusting her tongue inside her friend. Hinata tasted so good to Sakura it was better then she could ever imagine. Sakura couldn't take it anymore. If she continued like this she would sure to cum soon.

She took her tongue out of the girl and just stares up at her with lust. Hinata looked down at Sakura confused and slightly disappointed, "W-Why did you stop? Hinata moaned in the kiss but still confused why the girl had stop. Sakura pushed the girl down on top of her own kimono then Sakura slipped her underwear off keeping her kimono on.

Hinata stared up at Sakura as she spread her legs then making one of the go up wrapping her arms around then she moved her hips closer to Hinata's having both their vaginas pressed perfectly together. Feeling how wet Sakura was made Hinata gasp at the contact between the both of them, it felt so good.

Sakura smirked down at her friend then asked her, "Are you ready Hinata-chan? Sakura's smirk widens then she rubbed against Hinata making herself rise up. Hinata's back arched from this almost lifting herself from the floor. Sakura then rubbed back down making Hinata's head jerk back. Sakura continued to rub up and down but a little faster making the contact more intense then it already was.

Hinata's eyes were half way closed feeling total ecstasy, the knot in her lower stomach tighten to ever move Sakura made towards her. She moaned at each movement, the thrill of the girl rubbing against made her face heat up easily. Sakura stared down at the girl while rubbing her.

She was lucky to not cum right then and there at the sight before her. Hinata's back was arched almost high enough to reach the ceiling above her porch; her eyes were halfway closed filled with total lust. Sakura licked her lips staring at her paled-eyed friend.

She then decided to jerk her hips fast against Hinata to rub harder against the girl. Sakura jerk her head back letting out a low moan, "Hinata…shit!

Hinata and sakura lemon fanfiction

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