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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. Hourglass body shape. Do you know your body shape? Ok for those, who don't know their body shape, here I am going to tell you some of the most common body shapes and some tips of styling according to the shape.

Know your body shape what is my body shape how to know your body shape fashion Hourglass body shape Oval body shape triangle body shape inverted triangle body shape rectangle body shape How to style according to body shape. Your hips are more slender, and your waist is a little thicker. Your favorite features tend to be your hips and legs, but your tummy can leave you feeling a little self-conscious. In essence, your upper body is smaller than your lower body.

This a common shape for curvy women, and to dress well you just have to flaunt your assets. You usually have a slimmer waist, but a fuller bust, bigger hips and thicker thighs. Dressing for the Hourglass shape is all about showing off your curvy figure. This is a classic shape, popularized by starlets like Marilyn Monroe. While you may be impressively top-heavy, you have slender hips, bum and legs. Diamond women tend to have an undefined waist, that is flat side on. Dressing for this shape is all about adding a little sparkle by highlighting your assets.

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This is general information, not professional medical advice. Please note individual may vary. Idk why this bothered me so much but I remember reading a zk fic where Katara was described as having an hourglass figure…after having three steambabies. Yeah I can totally see where they are coming from, I too felt that way during the great Hollywood corset purge But yeah the more you know! Learning and changing opinions is a natural part of life. All of the clothing aesthetics I want to achieve seem to be for skinny people with no curves and a flat chest smh.

Can I even get the look I want to get without shapeshifting? A lot of people are out there talking about how they're body is not conventionally attractive because they got a bit of a tummy and they're literally a hourglass I'm afab and my fat is centered on my midsection, I have a belly overhang and big love handles, but my butt and legs are more lean. I feel like shit bc even when people try to be positive about fat bodies I know they are always thinking of "proportionate" ones, like phrasing having a fat ass as positive, which I'm not saying is bad, but I don't really have a fat ass in comparison to the rest of my body so all of this makes me feel even more alienated and disgusted with myself.

I feel like if I were the same weight, but it was just on me differently, the way plus size models look, I would be fine. It seems like body shape is talked about much less than general fat positivity, and my bodies like mine are still taboo in spaces that are supposed to include me.

I hate it so much. I sympathise. Big tummies, yes, but always in proportion to bigger hips exactly as you said. What about apple-shaped people? My legs are very tapered: lean calves, going up to thicker thighs, going to thicker hips with the widest part being around my navel. Am I not still attractive? They share our body shape and look amazing. That helps me, personally. I hear you, empathise with you and can only say: there ARE people like us.

GODDD i cant wait til i get top surgeryyyyy im just BUT every girl who gets harassed online for being ''''fat''' just isn't a ruler or true hourglass shape bc like ryujin.. Trending Blogs.

Hourglass figure tumblr

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