How to cum no hands

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All you need is some free time, a good deal of patience and dedication, and our tried-and-tested tips! Depending on your preferred technique and level of experience, you may need some or all of the following :. Here are the most effective ways from the easiest to the most advanced to achieve a hands-free orgasm for men. From cock rings and suction cup dildos to inflatable butt plugs, prostate massagers, and blowjob machines — we are truly spoiled for choice.

For you, sex toys are by far the easiest and fastest shortcut to the big O. Last but not least, sex toys are super versatile. They can stimulate the penis, perineum, or anus in countless ways, allowing you to explore a wide array of sensations.

The prostate is a gland that produces fluid which nourishes and protects the sperm. And if you stimulate it in just the right way, it can give you THE most amazing orgasms — and all that without as much as touching your penis. Well, first, you need to find your prostate. You can then proceed to stimulate your prostate using your fingers or a sex toy see our best male vibrator guide for suggestions. Some guys prefer gentle stroking, while others are all about hard-core thrusting — so make sure to experiment with different speeds and sensations to see what you like best.

Also, some positions might be more comfortable or effective than others, which is why you want to try everything from laying on your side or back to squatting and getting down on all fours. You can also pleasure your prostate externally by stimulating the perineum.

Simply poke the area between your balls and butt until you feel the bump. Once you find it, start stroking and massaging it until you reach the point of no return! The PC is the muscle we squeeze to hold our pee. More importantly, some guys are able to orgasm simply by flexing their PC repeatedly. You might want to give it a try. If you are particularly sensitive, you may be able to cum just by stimulating your penis with soft, sleek fabrics.

Simply run the fabric over your penis using light feathery strokes, and watch what happens. Silk and silk-like materials such as chiffon or polyester generally work best and feel great on the skin. Binaural beats use specific sound frequencies that are said to affect your brainwaves in a peculiar way.

The result? Arousal and, eventually, a hands-free orgasm. Note that this technique only works if you have headphones on and listen through the entire recording from start to finish. Many users claim that playing random snippets of the recordings does nothing for them, but they definitely feel aroused when they go through a complete video without skipping any parts. So, there seems to be a pattern or a gradual build-up of specific frequencies that helps to get your brain off when played in the right order.

If binaural beats are not quite your thing, you could try erotic hypnosis instead. Some may instruct you to touch yourself, whereas others will tell you to only use your imagination. For best , you also want to submit fully to the instructions of the voice as long as you are comfortable with it, of course. Breathe deeply and focus on the tiniest sensations in your body: the quickening of your heartbeat, the blood rushing into your genitals, the tingling of your skin. Tantra 1 is an ancient spiritual tradition with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Closely related to yoga, it comprises many spiritual and physical practices, some of which seek to cultivate the so-called conscious sexuality. Well, in a nutshell, it means you engage in sexual activity but avoid ejaculation. Instead, you preserve and channel your sexual energy upward and outward using your intention as well as special movements and breathing techniques.

Eventually, that can help you reach a deeply spiritual experience — and prolonged, earth-shattering, full-body orgasms. The only problem is that tantric orgasms require a great deal of patience and practice and the rightmindset. So, here is our step-by-step guide on how to achieve an ejaculation that is truly hands-free : no toys, no props, and no prostate massage! You will be working with your intention and imagination a lot, so you want to make sure there will be zero distractions. Take the time to set up the perfect environment for sexy time.

Depending on your personal preferences, that could mean drawing a hot bath and lighting some scented candles or simply turning the lights down. To each their own. Take a few deep, long breaths to slow down your heartbeat and get your body to relax. That should help relieve any stress and anxiety and will get you in the right mindset. Use your imagination or your preferred porn or erotica. The key here is not to rush it. As you indulge in porn or your very own fantasies, start flexing your PC muscle. Start gently and gradually increase both the intensity and the duration of the contractions.

What you are looking to achieve is a constant, throbbing sensation in your pelvic floor area. It could be that a little bit of porn and PC-flexing is all you need to get you to the big O. However, some guys might find it useful to also throw in a bit of visualization at this stage. Close your eyes and try imagining erotic scenes and the various sensations your body is going through with each passing moment.

Picture your genitals throbbing and swelling with blood. Visualizing your ejaculation can be an incredible turn-on for some as well. If something turns you on, do it. When you feel you are about to ejaculate, start flexing your pelvic floor muscles more vigorously — until you let it all go in a glorious hands-free explosion! Like all orgasms, a hands-free orgasm relieves stress, boosts your mood, and can improve sleep and reduce the risk of prostate cancer 2.

However, the special advantage of hands-free ejaculation is that it can bring you entirely new sensations and levels of pleasure. Ultimately, if you learn how to cum without hands, you will add a new skill to your bedroom repertoire and will be better able to understand your needs and wants. Simply squeeze and hold your PC for five to ten seconds.

Then, let go and relax fully. Over time, this exercise will strengthen your pelvic floor, resulting in more prolonged and intense orgasms both regular and hands-free! Regular erotic meditation can help you get off more quickly and effectively , reducing the need for physical — and even visual — stimulation. Then, start visualizing your own body. Do a mental body scan and be present with even the slightest physical sensation. Feel everything: the air as it brushes ever so slightly against your skin, your blood as it pulsates in your veins, the breath coming in and out of your lungs.

The more often you do this type of mediation, the more in touch you will be with your own body — both during the sexy time and in all other areas of life. . Got Questions? Ping me on Twitter. SexualAlpha participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.

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How to cum no hands

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How To Cum Hands Free in (No Hand Ejaculation Guide)