Ichigo x orihime lemon

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By: vampyremiyu Ichigo's Hollow is ready to attack and Orihime is there to help. But what happens when the Hollow is interested in more than just fighting? Ichigo x Orihime. Is that a good or a bad thing? Please keep in mind I have not seen nearly as much of this show as many I know have. But Mahiru-chan asked for one, and I'm determined to deliver. A Standard Disclaimer appears at the end of the story.

And all it took was a simple kiss. Well, perhaps it wasn't really simple. He was on the verge of losing control again. For the third time in as many days. He'd been lucky before, catching himself in the privacy of his own home. But now, mere blocks from a playground of screaming children, he felt his inner Hollow rise up, felt the bloodlust and desire to kill.

He was in deep trouble. He couldn't allow the Hollow to come out. He couldn't. Then Orihime showed up. No doubt following him. She'd been worried over the last few days. He'd never told her what was happening, but he had a feeling she knew. She'd seen the Hollow in action, seen him as some hideous creature bent on destruction. So why the hell had she kissed him? So what? Kiss her back! It tasted like the watermelon you ate for lunch. What she said had not been the complete truth.

Sure the kiss tasted like watermelon, but there was also a hint of tuna -- from the sandwich also eaten at lunch -- and the slightest taste of bubblegum --which she had been chewing. It was an interesting combination. One she wanted to taste again. However, one kiss may have been too many. She was extremely embarrassed by her forwardness. Granted she had wanted to kiss him for far too long. Almost did once, saying what she believed to be goodbye. Her heart swelled with joy at finally fulfilling that dream, but her confidence waned as she remembered the reason she kissed him in the first place.

The Hollow was coming out. She was somewhat relieved that the kiss had served its purpose. The mask that had begun to appear was slowly fading. But in its place was another mask. One of confusion. Of fear. With a tilt of her head she examined him more closely. His eyes seemed blank, yet they spoke volumes. They went from one extreme to the other. Perhaps the Hollow was still present, even with Ichigo more in control. Did she really think that? What was she thinking?! Something as dangerous as that wasn't something to be kissed.

It was frightening. Not to be messed with. On the other hand, she reasoned, the Hollow was a part of Ichigo. A part he may never be rid of. While it was capable of horrible things, Ichigo was a good person. They balanced each other, she believed. A perfect compliment And that power Like something out of a forbidden dream. The thought made her blush even deeper. Look at those lips And the feel of her skin I wonder what she feels like. I can't do it.

Say something. Was the Hollow winning? Should she kiss him again? Maybe she needed to go for help. Do it. She looked surprised by his actions, but her lips were ready when he swept them into another kiss. He had done it to shush the Hollow. The thing was downright noisy! But even as his lips swept across hers, the demon was giggling. Even as his arms wrapped around her, he heard the monster cackle with glee. And when she answered the kiss, her arms wrapping around him in return, he was certain that he had been set up. Orihime was once again more surprised by her own reaction over Ichigo's.

This kiss was so much more, she thought. It was like she could feel every emotion inside of him. They poured into her like fresh water, and she hoped that her emotions got through to him. But once again the sound of playing children broke into her thoughts and dragged her back into reality.

To Ichigo's surprise -- and relief -- she was the one who pulled away first. The blush to her cheeks was quite beautiful, he mused. A musing he tried to fight, but it was so painfully true. She really was beautiful, even without the blush. His eyes trailed lower, stopping when he found her breasts. It was his turn to blush, now. Stepping away quickly, he closed his eyes and cleared his throat.

As he looked behind her, the sounds of sports and cheering became evident. Where were they anyway? A whistle shrilled and he remembered the elementary school nearby. He had no idea what was going to happen next, but they did need to get away from the school. While the Hollow continued to banter inside his head, he tried to focus on something, anything. It was just bad luck that his eyes fell and focused on Orihime's ass. Not something he usually paid a lot of attention to, but at the moment it was the most captivating sight in the world. The steady movement and gentle sway of her hips were downright memorizing.

Probably very firm You're the one looking. What the hell WAS he doing? Orihime was his friend. One of the best he'd managed to keep. One of the few that believed in him no matter what. He couldn't possibly look at her in such a perverted manner. No way, he thought as he shook his head to clear it.

You know you wanna Now that he'd seen it, he didn't mind looking at it again. And he did, quite extensively, cursing himself the entire time. There were no kids, no couples, no dog walkers. And the pavilion was empty. As they neared the park, her confidence waned again.

What was she doing?! This was so unlike her. But she had good intentions didn't she? Keep Ichigo from hurting others. Keep the Hollow from coming free. Keep Ichigo all to herself for just a little while longer. It was wrong, a little voice in her head said.

But she couldn't help it. Could she?

Ichigo x orihime lemon

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