James spader fat

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Talk about commitment to a profession. Some would say what these guys did is flat out dumb. And the good news? But others would argue that these actors are just committed to their craft. Here are 7 ificant body transformations in movies. I mean he definitely wins the prize here. His normal weight is between Stallone packed on 40 lbs for this one.

Just good old fashioned ice cream. Way to go pal. Has anyone ever seen Norton this jacked? He was a house in this flick. If you look like that, why not stay looking ridiculously in shape? Anyone interested in the American X workout? Word is he did this in 3 months. Anyone seen my horse syringe? Hanks lost over 50 lbs to play the stranded ex Fed Ex Employee. Pretty impressive. Give me a Hamburger! People are probably wondering what the hell Supernova is anyway. This one blew me away. Damon lost 40 lbs for this role as a drugged up Gulf War Veteran.

Lover of all things video game, anime, or manga. I'm passionate about these things and virtually nothing else. Hope you enjoy my musings! Christian Bale and Matt Damon look sexy all buffed up. But Edward Norton? Yeah, Bale is a madman but awesome that he would go so far to get a role! And Norton….. You forgot the most important aspect of the Bale transformation. He weighted around lbs for the duration of the film.

So to recap, he went from around in the Machinist to in give or take two month…. Look at his filmography and realize that Full Metal Jacket and Adventures in Babysitting were released in the same year. To Ralph…………something sounded not right about Bale and 2 months going from lbs to lbs is both physically dangerous and impossible. He was given a deadline of six months to do this.

All of the muscles were gone, so I had a real tough time rebuilding all of that. He went from about lbs to lbs. Bale also said he would never do it again, he thinks it cause him some severe damage to his body, esp his heart. Damon ate nothing but a potato and chicken and ran about 20 miles every day if i remember correctlly. What about Brad Pitt in Fight Club?!?

I mean I know he already has a pretty amazing body anyways but in that movie.. I think Toby Maguire desreves a mention since he had the difficulty of bulking-up for Spider-Man on a completely vegetarian diet. He had to put on at least pounds. What about Gary Oldman? How did Mickey Rouke get missed? Probably Damon too. Val Kilmer just used a little red make-up around the eyes, coughed a lot, and it was the performance of a career.

He was like 55 when he blew everyone away as Max Cady in that film…. Granted the guys that muscled up did not put the stress on their bodies like the ones who dropped weight to the point of starvation, unless these actors took the steroid route. His biceps looked like something out or a muscle builder competition. You missed mathrew mcconaughy spelling is bad in reign of fire……. Just as much as with athletes. Think about it, no testing, high demands it makes sense.

Arnold, and ALL those body building types were on the junk. And they make no bones about it, when their around their contemporaries. Yeah man, Jared Leto definately deserves to be on here. He gained like, 67 pounds for his role in Chapter Then he lost it all really fast and looked even skinnier than he was before.

But like Bale, he said it had serious adverse effects on his health. The guy in the movie Thinner. He put on like lbs and then lost all of it and more. He was down to like lbs tword the end of the movie. No love for the ladies! Surely Linda Hamilton deserves a mention for her remarkable transformation into a lean, mean fighting machine in Terminator 2. Tom Hardy in Bronson. Dude packed on 30 pounds of muscle—twice—over four years. Bale must take the cake. Bale however, he went from a Christian Missionary commercial to the goddamn Batman in 6 months.

Bale lost his weight for the machanist. Next he did Batman Begins, and then Rescue Dawn in which he loses his weight as the movie progresses. Pretty great article. Ryan Reynolds in Blade Trinity — huge put on 25 lbs of muscle Will Smith in Ali — he said it hurt to have so much muscle lbs of lean, mean Matthew McConaughey in Reign of Fire — someone mentioned this but he went from surfer slim to a monster.

Jake Gyllenhal for Price of Persia anyone? Rodrigo Santoro who plays Xerxes has a great body usually but appears bulked up even more. When interviewed he said he has surprised how big he looked on screen. You can hear about it on one of the extras of the DVD. I thought his appearance in American Psycho was closer to what a martial arts Batman should be. More Bruce Lee-like. That is passion and I give my respect to them all. Ed Norton get in a great new movie please! Christian seems to have a death wish. But Im impressed that he seems to be able to do with ease what people at the Big Fat Loser camp find impossible.

These actors rock big time. Christian Bale is a freak. I hope he did damage his heart for the sake of a movie. The viral audio of him cursing out a lighting crew member on a movie shows what an arrogant prick he is. How many millions does he make and he has to curse some guy making 60k? It has gone virtually unnoticed besides some obvious cases where muscular pitchers were questioned…i. Roger Clemens.

James spader fat

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