Jessica jones comic nude

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About halfway through Jessica Jones 2, Jessica he back to her office and, before she enters, she imagines what might be waiting for her behind the door. Soldiers, Avengers, or the street-level New York superheroes. Instead of going in, she decides to flee. I wanted to look at these s because in this big-two book about a recovering superhero is a lovely moment of storytelling. So Gaydos and Bendis utilize that understanding well to create air dead space. In film you can do this pretty easily; you can just hold a frame, drop out some music or sound, and let the moment hang, let time pass.

With comics, it fits somewhere in the middle. Instead, what the creators do on this sequence is split it across a double spread, offering you one moment on the left , and one moment on the right . What does that white space mean? So you have to take notice of these large white areas and Gaydos and Bendis know that.

It sets that middle row apart which it needs to, because it exists outside of reality and works like a bracket, fitting around it. It asks you a bit of a question about why but carries on moving the story. Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Published: November 29, : Art , Marvel , Opinion. Back To Top.

Jessica jones comic nude

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A Brief Comic Book History of Jessica Jones