Jessica rabbit underwear

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Search for Easter Eggs. As Jessica is spinning through the air, her skirt moves just enough to show that she's not wearing underwear. And after seeing the other little trick that was thrown into the movie Baby Herman , I'm guessing the same animator drew it. Did you? If animated ducks don't have to wear pants, then why should animated people have to wear underwear?? If dukes don't wear pants, then I'm gravely mistaken about the Royal Family's sense of humour. There's nothing in there that looks dirty to me. I can plainly see nothing but blank space, meaning either panties or absolutely nothing in which case I feel extremely sorry for Roger.

Hello boys. Apparently you've all been dating women who don't dress in full evening wear. This typically includes a pair of hose. Most nylons come with panties stitched in, and to avoid a panty-line, any self-respecting, slinky, sex-pot nightclub singer will take full advantage of this fact.

I'm sure Jessica's no exception. BTW this response comes from checking out the images on the snopes site - note that the area in question is panty-shaped and tinted darker than the surrounding area. I can tell you from experience, that's the effect you'll get from hosiery.

Blasterxtreme writes:. In This scene if you pause after the crash as she flying in the air advance frame by frame until she hits the ground the watch as she keeps spinning on the ground you can plainly see she is wearing panties because you can see the edge around her legs. She's not wearing underwear or panty hose. The animators drew her nude underneath and were fired, when word got around about this.

WeirdOne writes:. I just recently purchased the newly released DVD and it is there. You have to pause it and go slow right after Benny hits the light post. There are two frames where there is no mistake of what you see. Cocktails and Drink Recipes at Drinkswap.

Jessica rabbit underwear

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