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She was born to a British father and a Russian mother, and soon after moved to the United States where she grew up and attended high school until around She studied dance in London, and soon became a model. Due to a mix-up with another actress also going by Jackie Lane, she began going by Jocelyn and moved back to the US to act in films. She retired from acting. I loved getting junk mail. It made me feel…important. And then a couple of years later I discovered aromatherapy and things got better for me. Born in London by the way. Her father was Anglo-Irish and her mother Russian.

She moved to Marbella,Spain after having lived several years in the United States. From Marbella she went on to live in Tangier,Morocco,stayed there for about five years,came back to the U. K in and lives now in Clapham,London. And yes I am absolutely sure of that…. Hi Danny, thanks for the info!

We always want our info to be right on the site. Can you link to some info so we can do some more research? The best information I could find was that she was born on May 16th, in Vienna, Austria to an English father and Russian mother, and after living in Austria for a while she was raised in the US until a teenager. Jocelyn Lane in Tickle Me Jocelyn Lane. Related posts:. Jack Nance. Dagmar Lassander. Stefania Sandrelli. Richard Hill. Jon Mikl Thor. Tags: celebrities female-actresses. Danny January 2, at am. And yes I am absolutely sure of that… Reply.

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Jocelyn lane 2018

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Jocelyn Lane