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This is a RP turned into history that we have written a friend and me. Mowgli decides to escape from the wolf pack and start a new life, but he will meet the naga Kaa and his plans will take another course. Secondly, this is actually an RP that a friend and I have been writing. At the beginning, he and I intended to create a unique and fluid text, eliminating repetitive paragraphs and rewriting parts to create a seamless and cohesive storyline. However, eventually the text became too long, and that idea became impossible in practice without dedicating a lot of time and effort, so we decided to publish the RP as it is, with lines of separation between the different perspectives.

It really is being a very funny RP and I have to thank my friend for his patience and understanding, without his support this story would not be so fun. We are going to divide the history in several chapters and parts that we will be publishing progressively. In the midst of a vast expanse of the Indian jungle, a young human walked aimlessly all by himself, sadness the only thing present in his handsome, boyish face. His skin was painted a nice tone of tan, bathed by many sunlights, and he had grown into a tall, well-developed young man, with dark hair down to his shoulders, a small tuft of wiry hairs in his underarms, along with a treasure trail leading down to his pubic area from his navel.

His name was Mowgli, and he had lived for over eighteen years with his wolf pack, that is, until word of the terrible awful came through. The tiger, Shere Khan, had heard of the wolf pack taking in a mancub, and word went around the jungle that he had made it his personal mission to kill the mancub before he could fully mature himself and discover the red flower he so much feared, wanting to eliminate him before he became a full threat. The wolf pack knew that, should a war come for that reason, they would be able to eliminate the tiger, but not without suffering massive casualties.

So, they came to a decision, and it was the sad choice to request a dear old friend, Bagheera the panther, to escort the mancub to the man village, where he would be able to grow along with his kind. Mowgli had pouted, protested and complained about that decision and, the night before Bagheera would show up to take him, he ran away silently from his pack, wanting to kill Shere Khan himself so he could go back to live with his wolf friends. However, the cool jungle night was eerie and ominous, and the best way for Mowgli to sleep sound would be to take refuge in a tree.

He ended up picking a massive tree by a waterfall, one where he could hide in and easily take refuge among the thick foliage, settling down on a massive thick branch. He had some fruit for dinner, not wanting to risk bringing attention to himself by hunting, and he eventually sat back against the tree trunk, pouting at the moonlight while cursing his own fate.

It had been a very boring day. The beautiful naga Kaa yawned lying on his tree, arms behind his head, lying on a pile of brown coils with black spots. Kaa placed a hand on his soft abs while sighing closing his eyes. This handsome and attractive young man, nice looking… almost harmless if it were not for the long and thick snake tail that could easily strangle an adult ox was one of the most feared predators in the jungle, more dangerous than Shere Khan, but unlike that stupid big cat Kaa appreciates the subtlety… he prefers to maintain a discreet profile, more appropriate for a… different type of hunting.

The name of Kaa is a rumor, a whisper that few pronounce for fear of invoking him. And in spite of everything… the naga had not luck these weeks, all the preys had been tremendously boring, monkeys, deers… meh, uninteresting things apart from to eat.

At first Kaa thought it was a dream, but that masculine scent, that exciting essence grew stronger, and then the naga heard footsteps. When the naga lay down on the branch to look down then he saw him… a mancub! His green eyes, adapted to the darkness, watched the young human, he was almost naked, his tanned skin and sexy body did salivate Kaa who licked sensually his lips contemplating the muscles and soft pubic hair that appeared from the red loincloth.

Kaa smiled, suppressing laughter. And who am I to oppose it? Kaa allowed the mancub to take a moment of relax, the boy sighed and grabbed a fruit to eat it. After a few minutes, Kaa decided to take action. Kaa moved gently so as not to alarm the young human, why not introduce himself kindly?

A ssssssexy mancub. Who knows? Maybe the mancub wants to play a little…. Mowgli was initially startled by the sudden presence, looking up to see an upside down man, older than him. He had to admit the man was extremely handsome, as he had never seen any other human so close until now. Snakes were seen as cowardly by other animals, who looked down on them, due to the way they stalked their prey and caught them in their most helpless state. So, it was not surprising for Mowgli to see ththis half-man, half-snake in the same condescending way, glaring at him to try and look intimidate like he saw his fellow wolf brethren do.

Gently Kaa straightened up, placing himself at the same level as the attractive teen. The snake boy ignored the young human for a moment and devoured with his eyes the almost naked body of the young man… that chest, the abs, the slender and firm legs, that soft and cute face despite the frown, and the brown eyes that Kaa soon it would turn into multicolored eyes.

I just… I was surprised to see a mancub so deep in the night jungle. Are you lost sweetheart? Hhmmmm maybe I can help you, hot stuff. But Kaa is a patient predator…. Mowgli furrowed his eyebrows as he realized this snake man was making himself comfortable on his branch.

The way he was eyeing him up and down, devouring him with his eyes, made Mowgli start to get uncomfortable, feeling that he was being sized up for a meal. Still, he glared back at the snake man defiantly, recoiling slightly when he slithered towards him, asking him if he was lost. It made him feel weak and submissive, but not in a negative way. However, Mowgli quickly blinked himself back to reality. He felt his loincloth become tighter for a moment, before he shook his head, tired of the lecherous way the man talked to him and eyed him like a piece of meat.

Kaa wanted to see how much the boy would be able to handle. No doubt the boy was strong, his fierce look and a wild aura around him, perhaps the boy could intimidate another inhabitant of the jungle, but not Kaa. Not the powerful naga. However, approaching the human again would have been a mistake, Kaa could see how the young and delicious human tensed his body, his strong and lean developing muscles were marked under the toasted skin, and the flexed legs tense as docks were undoubtedly ready to launch a painful kick if Kaa tried to approach.

But that was not going to stop the ingenious predator who had fun with this type of prey more than anything else. The boy never noticed that, he remained obfuscated looking at the naga who refused to leave, snorting with anger and intimidating look. In those valuable seconds gained with the distraction, Kaa quickly approached the boy and his eyes began the offensive of the naga. The green snake pupils were reduced and changed, beginning to emit the spell that the wise inhabitants of the jungle feared more than the claws of Shere Khan.

Colors of harmless aspect began to grow in the eyes of Kaa, bright and beautiful colors like stars, attractive, seductive like flowers and exotic fruits. It is better to start slowly, not to overwhelm the prey with colors too fast. Kaa was an expert hypnotist, the boy simply did not have a chance. When the boy separates the strands of his hair…. Mowgli had expected the persistent snake man to not go away, confirming his suspicions when he began smiling again. He could swear it was a smile of arousal, one that said his resistance and petulance was only exciting him further.

It was no problem, however. He was sure that his kick would be enough to hurt the man enough to finally send him away. He kept waiting patiently for the man to make his next movement, but he only smiled back at him, Mowgli occasionally snorting in anger as he tried to glare in an even more intimidating fashion.

As the snake man mocked him by saying they could talk like friends, he was ready to stand up and fight this man, hurt him and make him go away…. Blue, replaced by green, then orange, then red, coupled by different colours in the other eye, the speed of their pulsing slow and mismatched, but crescent in speed.

The boy had never seen anything like that and, as the naga nodded once, twice, he nodded back with him, his own eyes slowly beginning to reflect the colours as his lips started parting slightly, in pure awe of the spectacle before him.

The colors were sometimes soft and sometimes they were intense and radiant. You look tired. Kaa nodded softly, once, twice, to make sure the young human was attracted by the intense colors, and to force an answer to his question. Immediately the mancub followed the eyes of Kaa like a magnet, nodding back while his jaw hung becoming more widely, Kaa chuckled when saw the before defiant human young, now desperate not look away as the first colors beginning to reflected in his own eyes.

Jusssssst relaxxxxxxx. No doubt the stubborn boy will put up a fight, but eventually he will sleep soundly like a baby in the coils of the dangerous predator. It was all new and foreign to the boy. They spoke to him without words, cooed for him silently, filling him with hypnotic suggestions. To relax. To let it go. To surrender. The more he looked at those beautiful pulsing eyes, the less Mowgli could think. Since his brain was being invaded by the hypnotic suggestions, the connection between it and his limbs was almost severed.

His continuously foggy mind made it so his body was much more sensitive, his light chocolate skin bathed in goosebumps, trembling slightly from both the cold and the array of strange sensations his body had never learned to react to. His arms did not react to the primal instinct in the back of his mind to push the man away, the natural reaction to being touched by a stranger. Trying to move his legs to kick the naga away, only to feel the not moving at all, hanging as they were off the sides of the branch confirmed it for the boy.

Something is wrong… he thought within the confines of his feeble mind, as he applied all his strength to his torso, which only resulted in three pathetic twitches of his right shoulder, accompanied by a desperate grunt. Somehow the snake man was taking over his mind, weakening him with those blissful sensations, arousing him with his perverted touch, and coaxing him to relax with his honeyed words.

His teachings made him quickly deduced within the crescent fog in his mind that this perverted snake man was a predator, and he was on the path to become his prey. Maybe there was hope. But the man seemed to read his mind through their establishing hypnotic connection. He began singing with a beautiful siren-like voice, which surprised Mowgli so much that his eyes widened. They were nice and gentle, cooing further at him to relax. To sleep. Throughout his fight he had never once stopped to think about what was happening on his waist, the tightness in his loins. It grew to full mast under his little lucky red loincloth, until it was stretching against the fabric almost painfully.

Despite his body betraying him, the sudden, new painful stimulus was actually helpful to the boy, startling him. Realizing that pain would be the way to fight this bliss, he grit his teeth and tried his best to squeeze his hands, even pinching the skin with his thumbnails, surprising the snake man. Kaa knew that every second that passed the mancub was closer to falling, once captured by his gaze no prey managed to escape the powerful spell of male naga. And who could? Who could resist those beautiful colors?

Those patterns of luminous colors always changing, the beautiful colors that send pleasant thoughts and hypnotic messages of submission and obedience, messages of tranquility and security…. The beautiful pulsating colors spoke directly to the thoughts of Mowgli without the need of words.

Green, relaxation, purple, submission, blue, tranquility, yellow, happiness, orange excitement, rose, love, dark blue, obedience. There is nothing the boy could do at least not until the smile comes to his lips. Sleeeeeeep and relaxxxxx. A naga does not need to ask permission. Kaa received a pitiful moan from his guest in response, a kind of guttural growl and a clumsy shoulder movement that might have been a pathetic blow.

Just as a spider is attracted by the buzzing of a trapped prey the naga also felt that predatory instinct, seeing that strong and petulant young man struggle uselessly against his spell only made Kaa feel even more satisfied and horny. The naga had to give credit to the boy, no other prey had had the strength of will to get physically resist, the boy was truly stubborn. The boy tried to move his arms and legs, even looking away, but the limbs did not respond to his call, he was unarmed, unable to move and resist, only to look at the colors that called him ever stronger to complete submission.

However Kaa enjoyed these attempts, this sexy fight… feeling like that strong boy was overwhelmed by the colors, and how his toned arms had become helpless. Kaa scoffed at the boy, and he could not do anything to prevent it. The big erection pressed painfully against the loincloth mixing pain and pleasure, helping Mowgli focus his thoughts on a primary stimulus. No doubt Mowgli had a strong willpower, and his strategy was able to help him gather enough strength. Kaa was caught by surprise, that was undeniable, no animal had managed to resist so fervently, much less a human… humans are often complicated to hypnotize, but with the appropriate sexual stimulation men are easily subdued into horny slaves.

Kaa hypnosis stories

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