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Don't forget to add me on one of the messengers too! Don't be afraid! I love chatting about celebs, story ideas or chatting in general and I like making new friends! Just as a word of warning, YIM is messing me around. So, if you add me and I don't respond it may be that it just registers you as offline. Not sure why it does that any more. The best thing to do is initiate conversations with me and I'll be able, and happy to, respond to you. Katy chewed the bottom of her sunglasses arms as she watched the removal crew swarm through her former marital home in Los Angeles.

To his credit, her former husband had gone back to London for two weeks while she got herself all moved out of the house. The sound of their native Spanish tongue filled her ears as Katy was barely present mentally, her blue eyes were focused on the bottom of the stairs as the removal men lifted her old childhood dresser down the stairs to take it out to the van that was waiting on the drive. One of the couches went next and as the plush leather seating was lifted and hoisted out of the front room, a small card fell from the front and landed in front of her toes.

Snapping out of her self pity-party, she looked at the card, bent down and then picked it up. Flipping it over, Katy read over what was on the front of the card. She instantly recognised the handwriting as Russell's but she didn't recall the name or the website. What looked like boredom was actually conflict as her fingers twirled the card around. Her eyes snapped up from the card as she spotted Jon, the chief mover, making his way over to her. Her fingers snapped her handbag open and the card was dumped inside the more important part of the compartments. No, today she was Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and today her heart was broken.

Jon wiped away some sweat from his brow and clipped his sunglasses to the neck of his shirt as he smiled at her. Just need a ature here and we can get the van going to your new place. But who could blame her? Her heart had been torn by an English bastard. One day, she would love the boys in Britain, but today was not that day. The clipboard was passed to her with a large 'x' next to where she needed to . She gripped the biro and scribbled her name before passing it back to him. Katy watched him leave before she opened her bag and looked at the top corner of the card that was peeking out of her handbag.

A pang of guilt washed over her as her conscience screamed at her that she was stealing. The daughter of a pastor, she had been raised to never curse, fight or steal, anything 'bad' was a complete no-no and to this day she still struggled with the conflict. Her blue eyes focused on it before she frowned and closed her handbag.

If Russell was missing it, it wouldn't have been hidden down the side of a couch. Pulling the straps up onto her shoulder, Katy walked out of the front door, closed and then locked the front door. Slipping the keys through the letter box, Katy walked away from the door and moved into the back of her car.

Her driver looked up from his phone, smiled into the rear view mirror at her and then started them off on the drive back to her new home. As they got caught in the typical Los Angeles traffic, Katy dipped back into her handbag and read over the pen markings on the small card. There was a local , a name, an e-Mail and a website. Her right hand grabbed her cell phone and she connected to the free wi fi that was in the air of the city coming from one of the big building to the left of her car.

The connection was a lot slower that what she was used to but she could deal with it. Her phone's screen was slowly filled with a website that quickly started to look like a porno site. There were two sides of Katy's mind screaming at her, one part was telling her to shut that filth down while the other side, the winning side, was telling her to let the whole load. She bit her lip, looked around the back of her car before her eyes focused on the screen of her phone.

What she saw seemed too unrealistic to be true. Her phone's screen was filled with something that looked like it belonged in a science fiction movie. There were promises of multiple orgasms and pleasure that any human couldn't hope to possibly achieve. Her eyes saw a large robot in the middle of the screen that looked almost like Robocop but with an impossibly large fake cock that was standing up between its legs proudly. She knew her ex-husband was kinky but not like this surely? The traffic started to move again so through the threat of losing the connection, Katy dropped both her phone and the card into her handbag.

She propped her head up and peered out of the window and did her best to ignore the warmth that was spreading towards the bottom of her body. She wouldn't admit it but she had already decided just what she was going to do when she got home. The drive may well have been uneventful but Katy had no real idea as to how else she could describe it. She hadn't been physically hurt and she hadn't noticed the world around her end, so she could only assume the drive had been uneventful. Her mind wasn't exactly with the drive as she continued to stare at the mental image she had of the website.

Her blue eyes were soon distracted by the large gates that formed her community home tucked away in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She caught her driver's gaze who nodded his head. I'm going to get some writing done and there's no chance I can get writing done if I go out shopping. That similar pang of guilt trickled through her veins and pierced her heart as she smiled and the mirror and tried to not sell with her eyes just what she was going through.

The compromise was the best way to ensure that both of them won. Despite Katy having absolutely zero intention of following through with it. Her door was opened when Jeffrey left the car and opened her door. He would take the car back to the rental place and go about his life while Katy was going to do some further investigation work on this website.

Her curiosity had been caught by this impossible offer and she was going to discover just what was on offer. She smiled and thanked him before making her way into the porch of her house and almost immediately sprinting to her computer. Her fingers worked on the keyboard as if she was a world class pianist tickling the ivories for a prestigious audience. Instantly, her web browser was straight back to the website she had stolen from her and her now-ex husband's house. Her blue eyes focused on the website and she made sure to read over exactly every single possible detail this Could do to a woman.

It sounded insane! There were promises of a sexual toy that was well over a foot long, toys that could drive temperatures and stimulation to nipples and breasts and there was a set of s that directed just how fast that obscenely large toy could enter a woman.

It looked like a hell of a lot. Katy bit on her bottom lip and did her best to ignore the same warmth that was spreading down between her legs again. With a shaking right hand, she clicked onto another tab and saw a video of the machine in action. The clip was paused with one big grey 'play' button that was waiting for Katy to simply play it. Her finger hovered over the mouse's left button before she clicked it and sat back in the couch and watched. Her eyes went wide and a soft, almost inaudible moan escaped her lips as she watched the large toy start to vibrate and then slide back and forth at an incredibly fast rate.

Faster than any human could possibly manage and with a length that looked a lot larger that what any human man could get to. Moaning a lot louder, Katy spread her legs and started to touch herself in slow circles while she watched the video. If she hadn't completely ed over to the idea, she had now. In the short two minute thirty second video, Katy had decided that she was going to do exactly what she had decided in the car. The video came to an end and Katy stopped touching herself.

She licked at her bottom lip slowly before her fingers moved over to the contact tab. The currently brown haired beauty was ready to type out an e-Mail when she saw the address for the laboratory. It was no further that thirty minutes away from where she was right now.

There was a nagging voice at the back of her head that told her that if she didn't go through with it tonight she never would do. Her breath caught in her throat and stayed there as she logged into one of her very old and remarkably still active e-Mail to send a message to whoever was in charge of the establishment. It was a very simple message to let whoever was in charge know that she was an interested party and wanted to see the product in action.

She sent the message and leant back in the chair, her eyes closing and peering at the ceiling while trying to stave off her own will to pleasure herself. Her breathing was still slowing and becoming shallow when the 'bing' of a new e-Mail arrived.

She moaned almost in frustration and looked at what the e-Mail had said. I thank you for your enthusiastic, if somewhat misspelled, e-Mail. We're all but closed up down here. The project is going to be loaded up tomorrow and then I'm going my own way. That made Katy's eyes go wide. She did not want this to happen! A few options ran through her mind before she looked out at the front of her house's window and decided that she would at least swing by. What was the worst that could happen? She took down the zip code and put it into her phone's GPS and ran to her car, almost forgetting to lock her front door.

Every traffic light in Los Angeles seemed to be against her as she gripped the steering wheel and started to almost rev the engine of her car. With the last green light, she did her absolute best to stay within the legal speed limit while she drove towards the area of the lab. It was in the last parking lot in the decent side of town, an area pretty popular with soccer mom's so a woman in a summer dress wouldn't be too uncommon of a sight. She parked up next to the one large white van that was parked up. She put the brake on and made her way out into the front area of the lab.

It actually looked very professional. The lab had a porcelain white look to it, a lot of complete set of furniture adorned the wall and there was a large black and white desk that looked like it belonged in a spa or a fancy hotel. Katy's hands glided over the top of it as she studied the reception area.

She peered over the desk and looked at what would have been the main introduction to this laboratory area.

Katy perry literotica

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